My this could have been horribly misleading! I really hope that you didn’t click on Scientology in hopes to find out about the “religion” or anything like that. Because everything I am about to say is going to be negative. Oh so negative.

First of all, I’d like to say that I am not religious. I really am not sure what I believe. I am still trying to educate myself on Christianity and other religions, as well as evolution. With that said, who am I to say what should be considered a religion and what shouldn’t? I have no real gripping argument against Scientology other than this: IT’S NOT REAL! A MAN WHO WRITES SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS (AND WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES MADE..BATTLEFIELD EARTH) MADE IT UP! ALIENS AREN’T REAL! ALIENS DID NOT AND DO NOT EXIST! TOM CRUISE IS CRAZY! IT’S A WEIRD CULT AND IT BRAIN WASHES PEOPLE!

Okay. Now that I’ve got that out of the way. I do need to say that L. Ron Hubbard actually wrote that he didn’t think of Scientology as a religion (see photo below). He didn’t.. but it really is now. I mean, there are Scientology churches everywhere, there are scientology hotels, Sunday services, hymns that you read.. it’s just like a religion.. only weird.

Why is everything so damn secretive? All of your names are kept in a huge secret filing cabinet where you have to disclose every little secret about yourself.. WEIRD. And ever since freak ass Tom Cruise claimed Scientology, all these other celebrities have joined the brain-washing bandwagon. There has got to be something shady going on with all of the security they have at a Scientology church. Check out this video.. it’s honestly part of the reason I think that Scientology is so shady. This guy is great, though, he really is. I give him props for making this video:

This is SO weird..

Tom Cruise never used to be insane. Remember how good Top Gun was?? And now he’s had a mystery baby with Katie Holmes and she’s a brain-washed weirdo too. Sometimes I think about how she was on Dawson’s Creek and dating Chris Klein.. and it’s like.. is Tom Cruise beating her and saying “You better go along with all my weird shit, bitch, or you’re going to get it!”.. Or is she so strung out on drugs that she really doesn’t care?? It’s all just so weird. They really believe we came from Aliens!! THEY ARE ALIENS!!

Oprah: What the fuck is this crazy white boy doing? 

Tom: Scientology is so unbelievable! I am so in love with Katie! It’s love! It’s love on a new level, O.

Oprah: I don’t want to die like this. 


Oprah: Yeah, and Brooke Shields has problems..  


14 Responses to “Scientology”

  1. extrapolater Says:

    Man, that has got to be my next step after all the blogging. Start my own religion. I’ll rake it in!

  2. jennesis Says:

    LOL! good one! I am Agnostic.

  3. Kerri Says:

    that tom cruise thing made me laugh so much

  4. T. Says:


  5. shelbycockrell Says:

    Tom Cruise believes in aliens. I mean, WTF? How stupid and unbelievable is that?!

  6. Sgt xxx German Army Says:

    how stupid a human have to be to believe such a holy shit, like this what sientology wants to pray us. i think the best to believe in is to believe yourself! german translation: Wie blöd muss ein Mensch sein, um diesen Scheiß zu glauben was Sientology uns mit ihrem Glauben versucht zu predigen. Ich denke der beste Glaube, ist der glaube an sich selbst.

  7. strategicalliance Says:

    cool page Shelby – just passing by…still trying to get education faith…we should talk..any how – pray that all is well with you…take care

  8. ryaxin Says:

    I can’t believe how dumb people really are these days…..I just can’t. I think there is a new disease out there for many. It is called Dumbositis (aka STUPID) disease….apparently it hits harder than any other known disease. Clearly Tom and the fairy wife of his show clear symptoms of it.

  9. breatheinspirit Says:

    “Tom Cruise believes in aliens. I mean, WTF? How stupid and unbelievable is that?!”

    Just out of morbid curiousity, do you think believing in God or any other deity is crazy? It’s been my experience that most people who shun the possibility of aliens believe fervently in the existence of God. I bit of a conundrum to call one crazy and the other perfectly logical.

  10. Gorilla Guys Says:

    Thanks for not being a scientologist. Now I can continue to fantasize about you when I’m in the shower.

    Love ya babe.

  11. jaredude Says:


    I remember the commercials for Dianetics

  12. slainte2u Says:

    I dunno but I think Tom Cruise is a Michael Jackson waiting to happen. Nice blog Shelby.

  13. Tina Moon Says:

    You poor thing. How horrible it must be to judge others all day long. You need a life. I just found this website, (by accident), and I must say it sucks. You judge everyone around you. Look in the mirror. Live and let live. Why is that so hard? LOSER

  14. Tina Moon Says:

    ps lose the 1990 tongue piercing, dear. Most unflattering.

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