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Ivanka Trump hates Rosie O’Donnell. What a shock.

January 6, 2007

Well surprise, surprise! Ivanka, the 25 year old daughter of The Donald, agrees with her fathers harsh arguments. She believes that Rosie “instigated” the fight and that her father is doing what any normal person would do.. fight back. Ivanka is vice president of Donald’s real estate development and has been on the cover of Stuff magazine.. two big accomplishments, right? When asked about the situation between sleezeball Donald her daddy and Rosie, Ivanka said:

“I think it was unfair, it was uncalled for and, quite frankly, there was no reason for it…As my father said, she, too, has had a lot of second chances. You know, there’s nothing surprising about the fact that my dad’s gonna come back with a vengeance anytime anyone says anything negative against him.”

I know the statement made sense and everything, and it’s something you could expect from his daughter.. but is it just me or does the last sentence read “anytime anyone anything”? I don’t know. Anyway.


Rosie O’Donnell wrote on her blog..

December 28, 2006

I know it’s easy to use the letter r in place of “are” when you text message. Just like using the letter u in place of the word “you” and whatnot. Because text message is supposed to be a short, quick message to get the point accross, not a full-blown letter. But when you’re writing a blog, it’s like writing a mini-story, right? So why is Rosie O’Donnell writing blogs that resemble text messages from a 14-year old girl? I don’t know. She wrote this on her site the other night. It’s about the Donald. Semi-interesting. Check it out:

so what happens
when u say the emperor has no clothes
the comb over goes ballistic
via phone to mr king

every minute
every day

i imagine it is interesting
as celeb feuds tend 2 b
so here r my thoughts

didnt watch
didnt u tube

i have no time 2 make art now
i am only off friday
which is never enuf
to detox

the pipes get full
bits of sludge
clog the flow

so tiny books
express in torn images
my inside

i was raised reading ms magazine
i remember the burning of bras
as women demanded equality
in unison

beauty pageants
where women were paraded around
judged valuable or not
by old white men

it is always old white men

they added a talent portion
and gave away college degrees
they evolved – beauty pageants
and eventually – nearly faded away
for good

remember the seventies

a young girl in nyc
meets a pimp
he cons her into a life of illusion
she works for him

no fun – no fucking – no future
she is owned
when she sneaks out –
to party the night away
he freaks

he roughs her up a bit
shames her in front of the others
teaches her to behave
for his own benefit

and just when we lost all hope
cagney and lacey showed up
they cuff the pimp
they free the girl

marybeth and christine
would never
be friends with a pimp

this is reality tv
like it or not
same same same
as vivi says

I’m not even sure what I should say? It’s written horribly, with bad language, and then its very choppy. I guess she’s not only gross but also a bad writer. Gee, who knew!

Donald Trump v. Rosie O’Donnell

December 21, 2006


Jesus, talk about the spirit of Christmas. I’m not saying I like Rosie O’Donnell, because I honestly can’t stand her. I don’t care that she’s a lesbian–in fact, that might be the only thing I like about her; she’s a lesbian who stood up for her rights. Other than that, her accent is annoying, she’s loud and outspoken, and she gets completely crazy over stupid stuff (i.e. the Kelly Ripa- Clay Aiken thing.. that was stupid on Rosie’s part). But with that said, I don’t think anyone should make such a MEAN call out the way that Donald Trump did. Worth 5 billion or not, that doesn’t give you the right to be a total fat person-hating prick, Donald! Here’s what happened:

Rosie said: “Because his show ‘The Apprentice’ is starting again in January, he held a big press conference to see if he was going to allow Miss USA, such a prestigious title,” Rosie said on “The View” while rolling her eyes. “It’s basically a model competition . . . They have one question in Miss USA, yeah and they’re like ‘I’d like to cure cancer and end world hunger – and then I’d like to go to Studio 54 and do some crack.'” Rosie continued her rant lashing out at Donald Trump’s decision to give Tara Conner a second chance. “There he is, hair looping, going everyone, everyone deserves a second chance,” she began. “He’s the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair, had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for twenty year olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend.”She also said she expected him to sue her but added “he’ll probably be bankrupt by that time so I won’t have to worry.”

Donald said:  In turn, Trump, who became aware of the Rosie comments earlier this morning, branded her “a loser.” “Rosie’s been a loser for a long time,” he told Access. Her magazine failed, she got sued. She folded up like a tent.” “Rosie is somebody out of control who really just doesn’t have it and she ought to be careful because I’ll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy,” he said.

Okay, that doesn’t even do justice to what a dickhead Donald Trump was. Check out this article, where I got the pieces of their conversation, and watch the video on it. It’s only like 3 minutes and it will put Donald Trump in a new light for you, no matter how much you hate Rosie O’Donnell. I  mean,  I think Rosie did definitely fuck up on running her mouth about Tara Conner and all that, but Trump attacked her in a way that was unneccessary. I think he could have risen above just as easily. What an assface!

Source: Access Hollywood.  

Tara Conner manages to keep her crown, that skank.

December 19, 2006

The Donald must like skanky girls. I’ll bet he set up a deal with her.. he will let her keep the crown if she does a sexy dance for him everynight. Milania who? Mmm Hmm. Anyway, Donald Trump let Tara Conner keep her crown after all the controversy involving her underage drinking, drug use, and hard-core partying and possibly lesbian ways. Good for her. Now she’s like other celebrities, but with a crown.