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Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39.

February 9, 2007



I’m back after hiatus.

February 9, 2007

I have been gone from this blog for a month or longer. I was getting tired of reading about the same people and the same stupid problems; immature marriages, premature divorces, addictions.. these people have so much money yet nothing good to do with it. Racist Paris Hilton, drug-addicted Lindsay Lohan, disaster Britney Spears. After a while I stopped caring and started being disappointed in them. But sometimes something happens that pulls you out of a funk. And the death of Anna Nicole Smith did just that. It’s weird, and some of you may not understand, but I must say, it becomes a reality check.

R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith.

I can’t believe.. & Isn’t it strange..

October 31, 2006

I can’t believe…

  • that Katie Holmes really loves Tom Cruise.. no, really, I can’t believe it.
  • Reese Witherspoon didn’t break up with Ryan Phillippe’s jealous ass earlier than this
  • Bob Saget has a new gig on a crappier than crappy, extremely hyped up game show
  • in Scientology based soley on the idea that they believe in Aliens. Whatever.
  • that Lindsay Lohan would ever forgive Paris Hilton for laughing so rudely when Brandon Davis trash talked her, and her parts below.. (“Firecrotch!”)
  • in the idea that Ashlee Simpson actually does a good job as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Yeah, right.
  • in Jessica Simpson, her music, or the fact that she didn’t cheat on Nick Lachey. She’s such a big-head.
  • Helen Hunt won an Oscar for As Good As It Gets. She’s a horrible actress. Period.
  • that Keith Urban is in rehab for alcohol addiction but Nicole Kidman isn’t in rehab for anything. I mean, come on.
  • Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are finally friends again.
  • how mean all of the Carters are to one another on the reality show House of Carters.
  • MTV is growing so much that they now have MTV 3. Is that necessary?
  • that Perez Hilton hates Jennifer Aniston so much, but he loovees her MAN HANDS!
  • Dateline NBC’s show To Catch A Predator isn’t more popular.. It’s fabulous.

Isn’t it strange…

  • how freakishly skinny Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is?
  • that all the couples that have had their own reality shows on MTV have ended up divorcing? (Carmen & Dave, Jessica & Nick, and Travis & Shanna..)
  • that people are still interested in American Idol? Isn’t it on it’s like, 9th season?
  • that Kelly Clarkson thinks she’s big enough to be a diva and talk shit on real celebrities? Bitch, let’s not forget you became famous from a reality show. KTHX.
  • that Anna Nicole Smith had a baby out of no where and she was never photographed being pregnant?
  • how Katie Couric looks like an alien on CBS but always looked pretty decent on NBC?
  • that Lindsay Lohan had a paranoid attack in her car on Sunday morning around 7ish? (Still partying at 7am and you get paranoid? Maybe that’s because you need sleep. And probably a sandwich, crazy ass.)
  • Carnie Wilson has gained almost all of her weight back since she has G.B. surgery and was on Howard Stern after she got skinny?
  • Fabulous got shot and no one really cared? Haha.
  • That Mischa Barton was photographed going apeshit, crying a river in her car and no one knows why?

All for now. Anything to add, anyone??