Jenna Jameson’s Life in a Movie?

Wouldn’t that just be like.. another porno? But I guess this skank really thinks there’s something deeper and more interesting about her life than normal people so she’s coming out with a movie.. wait no, a movie based on her autobiography, “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star.” And Jenna wants Scarlett Johansson to be the lead. Humm. I’m not quite sure what to say because I think Scarlett may be too mature for this type of sleeze. However, no one thought Fabio would be hit in the face by a bird while on a rollercoaster, so one can’t be too sure, can they? Anyway, when asked about Scarlett playing the role of herself, Jenna said:

“We’re looking at Scarlett. She’s my choice.  I think she’s beautiful.”

Is it just me or does Jenna Jameson look like she’s done just a little too much porn?


6 Responses to “Jenna Jameson’s Life in a Movie?”

  1. arleen Says:

    hard to say, im thinking if you didnt know she was a porn start itd be hard to tell. i mean shes not ugly by any means.

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    oh i read about that as well…. she looks awful!

  3. Rettna Says:

    I’d be turned on to watch Scarlett Johanson in that role 😀

  4. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Fabio was hit in the face by a bird? Really?

  5. The Minds Journey Says:

    Lol. Yes, she looks a mess.

  6. The Super Movie Says:

    Can’t wait to see Scarlett plays as Jenna, but meanwhile this is her upcoming movie..Nanny Diaries

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