Cameron Diaz is hideously tall and crazy.

So Cameron Diaz got dumped by Justin “It’s My Dick in a Box” Timberlake. Old news. But apparently now she’s gone stark raving crazy, too! I already disliked her because of her self proclaimed perfection and just generally annoying personality, but now I hate her because she is attacking my idol and fantasy Jessica Biel. Cameron is fug and needs to stay away from buff Jessica! Here’s what Page Six said about her craziness:

Diaz followed Timberlake to the In Style party at the Hilton Oasis, where “they had an awkward conversation.”  She then trailed Timberlake to the Beverly Hilton rooftop for the Universal party, where she found him chatting up Biel – and screamed at the “Illusionist” star. “If that’s how she wants to get him back, it won’t work,” said our insider. “She’s desperate.”

WOW. Not only does Jessica Biel know she’s better than BOTH J.T. and Cameron, she probably wants nothing to do with this Pamela Anderson-esque drama. Get over it, Cameron.


3 Responses to “Cameron Diaz is hideously tall and crazy.”

  1. Rettna Says:

    She is an irritation. And the makeup in that pic you posted is almost freaky. 😕

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Im sure she got Timberlakes attention, but not for good reasons.

    I hope she is ok.

  3. Oscar Says:

    She should hook up with Michael Jackson or perhaps his pal, Bubbles!

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