If you want to see Ashlee Simpson in a bikini..

Then it’s your lucky day! The really famous celebrities haven’t been doing much these last few days, so I’m resorting to putting up a half-nude picture of stinky Ashlee Simpson on my blog. I’m not sure that anyone really likes her, is attracted to her, or even cares that she is still around.. however, she looks pretty decent in a bikini. Minus the bruises. So. Here it is. And here’s to hoping this next week will be way more eventful.


2 Responses to “If you want to see Ashlee Simpson in a bikini..”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I was shocked at the latest photo of Terri Superman/Desperate Housewives lady in her bikini. They were very thin pants.

  2. gullybogan Says:

    For a moment there I was wondering how Cameron Diaz had gotten so dumpy around the waist.

    Ashlee Simpson is best known for being less well known than her C-Grade-Celebrity sister, so, if she wants to grow her brand, she should probably be very careful about running around in unflattering My First Bikini swimsuits, in my humble opinion.

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