Another reason why Madonna is a bitch!

In the new issue of Elle magazine, Gwen Stefani is the main feature. Her picture graces the cover and inside is a full-blown article about the pop star and her life. Elle asks her about Gavin, her Lamb line of clothes, her music, and her new son Kingston. Not on the cover, however, is Gwen’s relationship with Madonna. Why? Because Madonna is a selfish, nasty, spoiled bitch who has somehow forgotton her music is shitty and she’s old and nasty. (If you’re interested in knowing why I loathe Madonna so much, please click her name on the right hand side and read my first entry about her. Then you might hate her, too!) When the magazine asked Gwen about Madonna, she said:

“I remember telling Madonna I was going to do an ’80s dance record, and she rolled her eyes […] she’s like, ‘Whatever.'”

What a fug diva bitch! I swear she must think she can be the only pop star. Hello Madonna, no one likes you anymore because you suck! Sometimes I think she just adopted that kid to get attention.. and now her nannies take care of it and it probably lives in one of her guest houses. She doesn’t even care. She’s such an icky person.


Who do you like better???


5 Responses to “Another reason why Madonna is a bitch!”

  1. renaikan Says:

    I think Madonna can be whatever she wants… she’s earned it.

  2. Wengistein Says:

    I swear, Madonna has scary arms.

  3. funkybrownchick Says:

    Ummm, neither. I pick neither. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and since your post today is about “bitches”, don’t forget to tune in to my internet radio show, Dating Roadkill, tonight. Topic? Bitches. Men Love Them.

    If you still need more info, check out Dating Roadkill 101 for detailed instructions about how to tune in.

  4. Chelsea Says:

    Gwen is an amazing artist , her music- with No Doubt as well as her solo albums – is amazing.

    Madonna needs to retire soon, I agree- her career is over. Everyone has always given Madonna such praise for her ability to change her image to match new fads, but has anyone ever taken the time to actually listen to her music? She releases a new album and every song is exact replicas of the previous track.
    She annoys me and I dont know how many times I can stand to be flipping the channels and involuntarily land on a scene of her disgusting old thighs jiggling around.

  5. jason Says:

    do you really expect anyone to believe this story?

    Why don’t you just tell the truth.
    What is more believable is that two non attractive annoying idiot bitches paid some slightly more intelligent asshole some money for a backstage pass and got ripped off.

    don’t spread the ignorance.

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