Finally, Justin Timberlake breaks up with Cameron Diaz.

Justin Timberlake dumped Cameron Diaz, finally. Maybe he watched one of her movies and noticed how obnoxious and skinny she is? Or how mis-proportioned her body is? If you ask me, I think he’s still a little hung-up on Miss Britney Spears. He knows her body has gone to shit, and her face is turning into saggy leather, but he still wants to bang her.. I think. Anyway, I’m not sure on all the details about the break-up and quite frankly I don’t give a shit. I’m just glad it’s over!


4 Responses to “Finally, Justin Timberlake breaks up with Cameron Diaz.”

  1. Says:

    I don’t think Justin is hanging up on Britney Spears

  2. funkybrownchick Says:

    Noooooo! I was actually pulling for this pairing. I love “Older Woman, Young Man” duos.

    Hmmmm … I guess I just have to cling on to my hopes for Aston and Demi.

  3. renaikan Says:

    I heard Justin Timberlake was seen with Kate Hudson! What gives? Supposedly they spent the night together and they were seen leaving the same hotel. I have no idea how true that is… but it was a shocker. 96.7 Fm doesnt lie =)

  4. What Goes Around... Says:

    Rumor has it he’s seeing Scarlett Johansson now… She’s also in he’s new video.

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