Keith Urban is a cheater and addict. Nicole Kidman hates her life.

You know, it must sort of get old being Nicole Kidman. I mean, besides being unusually pale and tall, her life always sort of seems to fall to shambles. She was married to Tom Cruise for many years and they were unable to have children.. or so they thought. And after Tom Cruise left her, he eventually became a freakshow that preached Scientology to everyone who would listen and then (allegedly) got Katie Holmes pregnant. I’m sure Nicole Kidman is sitting in a dark room somewhere, bowing her head in shame for having been associated with Tom Cruise for such a long time. “What happened to him?” she must say. And she probably also says something like, “I thought that freak couldn’t have babies?” But, all Tom Cruise bullcrap aside, she seems to get dumped a lot, you know? And now she’s remarried to country nothing Keith Urban. You know, I don’t like country music but if I did I know I wouldn’t like Keith Urban.. with his long hair and his female-looking jewelery. Nicole Kidman is richer than rich. Let’s not forget that even though she hasn’t produced a box office gold movie in a while, she was in Moulin Rouge (sp) and she is the spokeswoman for Chanel No. 5. So her pocketbook is probably mighty heavy. But she’s also pretty famous too. You don’t really hear to many “Britney Spears” type of stories about her, and no one really HATES her, you know? So why Keith Urban? She could be with someone who isn’t all cracked out off of drugs. And now, only months after they’ve been married, Keith is not only in rehab for supposed “alcohol addiction” but there are also stories surfacing of Keith being a raging cheater cocaine addict druggie assface. Some ugly broad is making many claims, that I’m sure she’s getting paid lots of money to do, and pretty much ruining his life and Nicole’s life. They are sad if true, and very serious. Here’s what the little hussy (known to the public as Amanda Wyatt) has to say:

When we made love he never used protection…He told me that he liked that I didn’t pressurise him to get married or have babies…”I tried not to fall in love with him but we were together throughout the whole time he was dating Nicole and engaged to her, right through 2005 and to around May 2006….I’m sorry if I hurt Nicole but I just want to tell the truth and move on. I hope that she finds happiness with him but Keith is a deeply troubled man. I hope for her sake that he sorts himself out. She deserves better.

Who the hell are you to be telling Nicole Kidman who she does or doesn’t deserve? If you really gave a damn about Nicole then you wouldn’t have kept sleeping with Keith Urban, amirite?! Oh what skanks will say to get publicity. Anyway,  here’s a picture with her and the K-Man. They look pretty wasted.

Source: National Nine News 


4 Responses to “Keith Urban is a cheater and addict. Nicole Kidman hates her life.”

  1. charinef Says:

    It is. Truly wasted. And I seriously think that Nicole deserves much much better than this.

    Thanks for not calling me a bitch? =P Hope you had a nice day.

    Btw,you look great babe. And your baby looks cute too. Doesnt look like an IT geek.

  2. jennesis Says:

    looks like Paris Hilton.

  3. Sally Says:

    I don’t know why no one would not like country music. The majority of the singers can sing and you can understand the words they say and the songs make sense. As for Keith when he is clean shaven he is very handsome and his jewelry I really don’t pay that any mind. It is not looks and jewelry that count it is how a person acts and I think Keith could act a lot better.

  4. Justice1 Says:

    Amanda Wyatt was just aired on the nashville new station 2 Of course she was coming out of a court room after being charged with assault in a bar room fight. She claimed she never said any of that to the press that it was all fabractaed by the new writer. In the interview There was also a local musician on who stood up for her, and stated that she was involved with Urban. He stated Wyatt was filmed in one of his music videos. He was the artist who in 2006 ran the Tour for a Cure scam that took money for Cancer Research for children. He received dontation and never dontated the funds. Even the foundations he had set for the donations to go for dropped him for his false claims. His tour never took off and none of the funds were ever returned. Wondering now if Amanda was also part of that scam.

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