Jessica Simpson wants to be Britney Spears


I have no clue where Jessica Simpson is from and quite frankly I don’t care. Let me just say this: never before has Jessica talked like Britney Spears until now. All of the sudden Jessica is completely southern? Uh-huh. She’s just an idiot. I haven’t noticed Ashlee Simpson having a crappy southern accent. So what gives? Anyway, the little airhead posted a “message” to her “fans” on her official website over the weekend wishing them a Merry Christmas. Read it, it’s lame.

happy holidays to all of my fans. i am spending much needed family time in the colorado rockies. i send y’all my genuine huge smile hoping it makes its way to brighten your christmas day…very dorky rhyme, but hey what can i say…i am a dork. daisy doesn’t enjoy the role of santa in this picture, but the idea was just too cute to resist. i love all of y’all with my whole heart and my hope is for each and every one of your christmas wishes to come true.

thank you for always inspiring me to be better in everything that i do.

xo jess

all of y’all? WTF is that shit? You know, if she could just get her shit together for five seconds.. do I like John Mayer do I not? Am I a pop singer or not? Did I lip sync on SNL or do I have acid reflux? Wait.. I think I’m getting the idiot sisters confused. Anyway. She’s an idiot!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


3 Responses to “Jessica Simpson wants to be Britney Spears”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    I think it all fell apart for her when she left Nick – I liked her much better then. She was still stupid, but in a funny, cute way – not the complete idiot way she is now.

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Thats a really scary photo, dont you think? eeeeeeee 😀

  3. Abel Says:

    With her startling disclosure, Jessica Simpson has again caught the attention of paparazzi. She said – she was banned from singing at congregations in
    the church as she was considered too sexy to sing Christian music. Enough is enough – Jessica Simpson. We must be ready to get another sizzling aspect of
    Jessica Simpson. Let she cook up her own story.

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