Diddy & Porter have Twins


According to Essence Magazine:

“Diddy received an early Christmas gift! It gives us great joy to announce the arrival of Diddy’s twin girls. The beautiful, healthy baby girls were born this morning with Diddy by mother, Kim Porter’s side. Diddy had a plane on stand by in Toronto where he is filming “Raisin in the Sun” and made it just in the nick of time for the delivery. Both Kim and the girls are doing great.”

Wonder what Kim Porter and P. Diddy will name their twins? I hope there are no initials, flower names, fruit names, hyphens, or double names. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we don’t get another Apple or CoCo!


8 Responses to “Diddy & Porter have Twins”

  1. jennesis Says:

    why do hot girls always get hitched with ugly men?

  2. jennesis Says:

    How bout Hashey and Methey?

  3. Healthwizard Says:

    good one

  4. Amy Says:

    Aww bless! That’s so sweet! Go Diddy! (I did prefer when he was Puffy though)

    Have a wonderful Christmas Shelby!xx

  5. Amy Says:

    Aww bless! Go Diddy!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Shelby!xxx

  6. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Maybe they will name their kids after the father and go for ‘R’ and ‘S.’

    haha 😀 (such a poor joke, sorry)

  7. Amy Says:

    Yay for Diddy!

    Happy Holidays Sweetie!xx

  8. Celebrity News Says:

    Seems like he has some legal issuesat the moment!

    A High Court judge has taken a closer look at the lyrics of rap star P Diddy in a case over who owns a name. Sean Combs had agreed last year never to call himself “Diddy” in the UK, after he reached a settlement with a British Music producer already known by that name.


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