Mel Gibson+Station Wagon/Mattress= Carmel Sloane..?


Well, well, well. Mel Gibson was just sitting down with a glass of iced tea somewhere before his wife ran in the room and shoved a newspaper in front of his face saying, “Are you kidding me with this?!” Well, I’m not sure how true any of this is, but according to them, we will find out. News of the World reported that Mel Gibson had a one-night-stand in 1976 with Carmel Sloane’s mother, Marilyn, in the back of a station wagon.. on a mattress, to be exact.  Here’s my first question..

why did he have a freakin’ mattress in the back of his car?

“He said he had brought the mattress in case we had to stop for the night. We got on really well. He was charming and funny. He told me he was going to be a famous movie star.

Ok, that really explains it. I still say having a mattress in your car is kinda very serial-killer-ish. But whatever. So the daughter from the one-nighter, Carmel Sloane, says she knows Mel is her poppa and she is demanding a paternity test so that she can “have a father in the person she always knew as her father.” Well, if she’s wrong, this is terribly embarrassing. If she’s right, more power to her. Although they say they aren’t out to get cash, I’m doubting this. To read the rest of the article from News of the World, you can click here.


7 Responses to “Mel Gibson+Station Wagon/Mattress= Carmel Sloane..?”

  1. jennesis Says:

    too blond to be true.

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I think its quite safe to label anything reported in News of the World as “More chance of being abducted by aliens as this being true”

  3. Hicham Magdi Says:

    I agree with Jennesis she is too blond to be true although I think Gibson is that kind of guys.
    Nice blogg and very intresting posts , hope you don’t mind my little visit.

  4. Christina Says:

    The mother has spun a story when carmel was a kid ” she just hasnt grown up “But thats ok, its a problem, some people have issues… Chris

  5. george Says:

    bull crap

  6. Peta Says:

    Just wandering is she mels Daughter or not…. DNA must have been done by now…..
    Left hanging./

  7. ? Says:

    The woman involved which is the girls mother has been trying to get in touch with gibson for years before it became public people just assume it was a story which has been made up for money. The girl involved just want’s closure so she can get on with her life.

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