Beyonce sucks, period.

USA Today wrote a review on Beyonce’s new movie, Dreamgirls. Here it is:

The weakest link is the stunning Knowles. The camera clearly loves her, and her singing is not in contention, but as an actress, she has a vapid quality. Despite the array of dazzling fashion ensembles, and the effort to channel Diana Ross, her performance remains one-note, particularly in contrast to Hudson’s nuanced portrayal.  The film is worth seeing simply for the on-screen splendor of Hudson, a losing contestant on tv’s American Idol. She’s a natural — musically and theatrically — and delivers a tour-de-force performance.

On top of this, Beyonce was irritated that the spotlight wasn’t focused on her, throughout the movie and while travelling to promote the  movie.  She didn’t want to share the Vanity Fair cover with any of the girls and she didn’t even want them to be in the layout. What a little attention whore! I’m not a HUGE Beyonce fan, so if she has done some other horrible stuff, I don’t know about it. If YOU do, let me know 🙂


One Response to “Beyonce sucks, period.”

  1. Amy Says:

    I dislike Ms Knowles..everyone rates her so highly. She only has had so much attention whilst in Destiny’s Child because her dad is their manager so obviously is going to shine the spotlight on Beyonce all the time.

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