Britney Spears is getting nastier… again.

Before any girls with black hair jump my shit for saying Britney got nastier after she dyed her hair, I’d like to say right now that it’s not the black hair.. it’s the black hair on her. See, because we know Britney with dark hair when she was with K-Fed. She was fat, pregnant, crying, unhappy, and was constantly wearing bright red lipstick. So if she’s trying to make a comeback, she needs to have blonde hair. Because the happy, thin, popular, record-selling, buff Britney has blonde hair. I think she has realized wearing panties will help her comeback, but now someone needs to say, “Britney you look like crap with dark hair.” With the exception of this photo:

I’d also like to add that Britney looks like she is gaining weight again. Which I personally don’t give a crud about, but Americans being the shallow assholes that we are, will care.  She’s been spotted lately eating Jack In The Box and Taco Bell. You’d think she’d know better than that, you know? And she’s always smoking cigs.. if she’s going to be a chainsmoker she might as well replace a meal with a pack of cigs.. what the hell? Go big or go home.


4 Responses to “Britney Spears is getting nastier… again.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Aww that bottom picture of Britney is lovely! She looks so healthy and groomed.

    Anyways yes Britney with black hair looks bad..she looks washed out and just horrid when really she is so pretty. And no it doesn’t matter if she’s putting on poundage but come envious was I of her toned abs..she shouldn’t be wearing lycra if she’s putting on weight..and she needs to stop hanging with Paris and get a good stylist..yes Britney, you will listen to a random British girl!!

  2. shelbycockrell Says:

    You’re so right.. she does look horrid and washed out! Haha, I think she should take your advice!

  3. Amy Says: think I should write her an email to say so?

  4. buttons Says:

    what is with the fanny skimming dresses?!

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