Lady Sovereign.

So my fiance and I were watching Letterman the other night waiting for Leno to really get started. We were just relaxing in bed, doing our own thing for the most part, when my fiance said, “Look at this. No, look!” It was about twenty seconds into the song, I already knew I didn’t like it, and so I said “what the hell” and turned to see. And I saw what you are seeing to your right. At first when I saw her I thought she looked black.. it must have been weird lighting. But then when I really looked at her and took a listen, I realized it was a little white British girl. Now, I love British accents, as I have previously mentioned. But this just boggled me. So I looked her up on the internet. more specifically Wikipedia, and I found out that I am annoyed by her. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, she basically sings parodies of real songs, or covers of other songs. I read that not many people like her, besides in America. (Americans.. we have that stupid show TRL and that is just a flood gate for shitty music!!) Well I can say whole heartedly that I do not like Lady Sovereign. While she looks like a mix between Nelly Furtado and Alicia Keys, she still seems talentless to me. The song she performed on Letterman was “Love Me or Hate Me” and I found it extremely annoying with lyrics that were crude. Let me know what you guys think after you read the lyrics, especially Amy, Buttons, and The Boy Who Likes To… (my favorite blogging friends, who also happen to not live in America) Her are some excerpts from the song above:

Love me or hate me it's still an obsession
Love me or hate me that is the question
If you love me then thank you
If you hate me then fuck you
I got hairy armpits
But I don't walk around like this
I wear a big baggy T-shirt
That hides that nasty sh*t
I don't like drinking fancy champi
I stick with Heineken beers
Oops, might burp in your face
A little unladylike, what can I say?
So everybody's entitled to opinions
I open my mouth and sh*t I got millions
I'm the middle kid, the riddle kid
I make you giggle til you're sick
My nose jiggles while I spit
Yeah I do have some stories
And it's true I want all the glory
Go on then, come on support me
I'm English try and deport me


11 Responses to “Lady Sovereign.”

  1. buttons Says:

    well i think i’ve vaguely heard of her but not her songs. she looks like she will be awful and my god we don’t need people thinking that all us Brits are like that!

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I have to agree with buttons, I havent really heard much of her. But her lyrics do look rather amusing.
    Butone of my pet hates are when people put on different voices to how they normally speak. So I doubt Ill be out buying her album anytime soon.
    All though I may check out youtube for more lyrical goodness.

  3. junior Says:

    Pretty sure I just got dissed by the shelbster. And yet…I’m still commenting. šŸ˜‰

    Heard some tracks at LS’s website and it’s pretty awful. Based on the 20 second clips, it sounds like really bad techno meets really bad rap. But add in that bad-ass Avril Lavigne attitude and the lack of talent makes it all okay…

  4. Chelsea Says:

    Just to mix it up a little bit, I actually like her. I think her music and talent might be a little low, I think she even admits that; i believe some of her lyrics are “i cant dance and I really cant sing, I can only do one thing and thats be Lady Sovereign.” I dont think that shes the greatest and I dont see myself buying her cd, but i do think that shes fresh, shes different, and I think that in the media today we need soemthing like that. Now dont get me wrong, I completely understand all of your arguements against her, and I think that lots of people see it the same way as you. She interests me, and thats not just because she shares the same sexual oreintation as me. šŸ™‚ Cheers

  5. Owen USA Says:

    I saw her perform on Letterman and I thought her performance was excellent. I think this young lady has a lot of potential. I’ve looked up her recordings and videos I am sad to say she has been produced very poorly. I hope to see her in more live performances – I think that may be where she has an opportunity to show her talent.

  6. uk_hip-hip_fan Says:

    lady sovereign is big here in the uk and i think its great that uk hip hop artists are expanding into the u.s and i think she has got tallent if she didnt why would def jam records sign her (if you dont like LS’s music try some other uk grime artists like wiley,skepta,JME,ears or lady fury check the myspace site

  7. daisy Says:

    i dont think people should judge my po’ LS. She is british and i think all of us should stick together and give ha a chance. Its not fair to her that people are judging and ridiculing her like this. I honestly love ha musik and i love ha. She’s hot and i would love to marry the gal… she’s a lesbian too… whoopidie to me…

  8. Anais Nin Says:

    Yeah, she’s a novelty act, but so what? Better than the stale old U.S. hip-hop proliferating the airwaves these days. I’ll take novelty any day. I think she’s great as a young woman who doesn’t feel the need to sell herself with sex, conquering territory pretty much dominated by men, and she’s done it all on her own, as far as I can tell. That takes a LOT of courage. That and everyone on both sides of the pond has been slagging her all along but she keeps on truckin’ without taking people’s comments to heart. I challenge any of you to do even half that much. Freestyling on the spot for LA Reid and JayZ? That’s pretty fucking intimidating! Her style and sound take a bit of getting used to, but they grow on you remarkably fast. Are any of you even into hip-hop or jungle/grime? If not, then you obviously won’t like her. I’m also really disappointed by all the U.K. wankers repeatedly affirming my notion that they are a bunch of snobs by not claiming her as one of their own (“heaven forbid that people think we’re all like her!”–why the hell would anyone think one person embodies a whole country?). If anything, she’s reppin’ for you guys and giving media exposure to the social and political problems of urban London, which many Americans are completely unaware of. You should be proud of her. I don’t know of any American lasses who are as mouthy and plucky as Lady Sov. All are svengali-produced puppets more concerned about having fake boobs and weaves.

  9. Anais Nin Says:

    And she’s only performed one cover, as far as I can tell, the Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant.”

  10. Anais Nin Says:

    Unless you are talking about the Jentina parody, Sad Ass Strippa, which was a lyrical diss and not a bonafide single. Rappers do this all the time. It’s called an answer song and it’s not a new idea. Everyone from Lynryd Skynyrd to Etta James has done them.

  11. amy Says:

    i think she is well good man,leave here alone,just cos you cant come up with ANY lyrics at not all us english people look/act like her,but alot of teenagers do.I LOVE gives us originality,and are you trying to tell me that you didnt think she was atleast slightly witty with her lyrics?or they wernt at all funny.Every time i here her voice it just makes me smile =]
    love you SOV

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