Eddie & Scary Are Dunzo.


I don’t even care. Really, I don’t. Eddie Murphy might have been a sensation in “Delirious” but since then, all he does is pump out movies where he is all of the characters. I’m sick of seeing him in the same type of movies. In fact, I think the best thing about Eddie Murphy is his brother, Charlie Murphy. (Proof: Dave Chappelle’s Show.. especially the skit where Charlie Murphy plays basketball against Prince. Very funny.) Anyway, somehow he hooked up with the beast, Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown. While I am admitting I don’t know much about her, I do know that she looks scary.. like she was in the “Spice Girls.” So, Eddie Murphy knocked her up and now, only months later, he’s dumped her. He wants her to take a paternity test. This means one of two things: 1. Melanie Brown is quite possibly a floozy. 2. Eddie Murphy is a paranoid, over-protected jerkwad boyfriend. Either way this story totally disinterests me, but I feel as if I must cover it because it will be in next weeks Us Weekly. Anyway, there you have it.


One Response to “Eddie & Scary Are Dunzo.”

  1. vipnews Says:

    ooooooh nooo, don’t go so hard on murphy…
    I think he’s a nice guy 😦

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