Kirsten Dunst. I also dislike her. (Also, I just don’t want to write about Britney still)

She looks pretty decent here, right? I mean, you can’t tell she’s a total troll from just this picture. Okay, well.

Do you know she once told a magazine that she thinks her teeth are sexy? Honestly, how is that sexy? It’s got to be the grossest thing I’ve quite possibly ever seen. And what makes things worse is that she is a total bitch and diva. wrote a hilarious post on Kirsten, which only furthered me to 1. love WWTDD more 2. hate Dunst more. Here’s the photo and article.

Can this fug monster do anything that isn’t completely creepy. She can’t even flip me off without making my skin crawl, with those stubby little fingers and that cold dead skin. She could be giving me CPR and I would just push her away, my last words on earth would be “oh … god … you’re so ugly …”

ROFL. Very, very funny. Another thing that pisses me off about her, or all celebrities actually, is when they expect special treatment because of who they are. This next quote is from People magazine. What a bitch.

Kirsten Dunst, dining at gourmet eatery Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles. She ordered the steak salad and when the server didn’t recognize her, she said in an annoyed tone, “You know me – I’m Kirsten.”

Geez, snaggle tooth. Get over yourself.


3 Responses to “Kirsten Dunst. I also dislike her. (Also, I just don’t want to write about Britney still)”

  1. sandynata Says:

    i don’t like britney !..

    thx for visiting my blog..


  2. Amy Says:

    Oh I love Kirsten! Possibly just for the fact that in the dramatisation of ‘Little Women’ she played Amy and that’s who I’m named after, Amy not Kirsten. She does have odd teeth though but then you could see it as a positive thing that she has falsified herself and got them capped like EVERYONE in Hollywood has done.

  3. harvey Says:

    i hate kirsten…i dont know why, but i do…must be her looks…

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