Finally something other than Britney’s crotch!

It seems not everyone in Hollywood is a complete douche. Under the LOOSETALK section in the new issue of Us Weekly, I read something pretty refreshing.

Recently… I got a letter from Jessica Simpson. It was super-complimentary. She said my voice and artistry were pushing her. I was touched, because that’s so rare in this business.”- Christina Aguilera


4 Responses to “Finally something other than Britney’s crotch!”

  1. Amy Says:

    I do love Christina and Jesica..though I do love Nick Lachey more than Jessica so I’m more Team Lachey..anyways! That’s so cute to have written a letter! How has your weekend been?x

  2. Amy Says:

    I have just eaten a pancake with chocolate spread and banana in it..and now just looked (with envy) at Jessica Simpsons flat flat stomach!

  3. buttons Says:

    goodness me i wish i looked like Jessica

  4. jaredude Says:

    I love them both. Xtina is smokin’ hot with a great voice. Her latest album is very well done. Jessica… Well, she seems to be just about the sweetest thing alive.

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