Jared Leto is disgusting. Especially NOW

Jared Leto used to be a hunk. In fact, I used to really want to jump his stuff, you know? But ever since he dogged beauty Scarlett Johanssen, and then hooked up with skanky Lindsay Lohan, he’s totally lost my respect. Then he gained 30 pounds for some “movie” he was in that I never heard of or saw in theatres, and then never lost it. So on top of being a fat divo, he’s now turned EXTREMELY EMO. His stupid crappy emo band, 30 Seconds To Mars, apparently makes him wear black eye make-up like a cheap hooker on 9th Street. To make Jared Leto even more of a mess that cannot be helped, he is now dating Tila Tequila.

EDIT: For those of you who do not have myspace, let me fill you in. Tila Tequila is a skanky, gross, very tattooed, cheap girl who’s whored many magazine covers (somehow she got on Playboy) and is a huge whore of Myspace. She thinks she’s a singer (think Britney Spears meets Bjork meets Hansen meets Garbage.. it’s just that: garbage!) and a model.. but all of her modeling shots are somehow naked or porn. So, I really can’t stand her. She tries too hard to be sexy and punk rock. Just be yourself, cause we know your name isn’t really TILA TEQUILA!!

Anyway, getting back to the original story. Jared Leto is nasty trash now. He is such a divo. I cannot stand him. And now Tila Tequila thinks she’s really “famous” because Jared Leto is dating her. What she doesn’t know is that Jared Leto is going down the poop shoot and he’s really not even that famous anymore!! He probably has like, 2 thousand in the bank with lots of credit card debt!! (Buying all that eye-liner and STD medicine to cure his Lindsay Lohan mistake is costing him!!) Blahk. I just want them to both disappear from the media. Do us all a favor and go bye-bye.

The turds are pictured below.

…………….See what I mean?


26 Responses to “Jared Leto is disgusting. Especially NOW”

  1. junior Says:

    You’ve gone too far now, Shelby. You know darn well that isn’t Jared–it’s Rosie O’Donnell (click the linkage for proof). 😉

  2. Amy Says:

    Oh I used to LOVE him in My So Called Life..I wish they would show reruns of that because it was so darn good and he was so gorgeous in that! I think it went wrong when he dumped Cameron Diaz (is that true or did I just dream that?!)

  3. Autumn Says:

    I agree with you that myspace skank is disgusting.
    Jared Leto looks NOTHING like that picture now and you KNOW it. Just view 30stm “From Yesterday” brand new video to check out his fabulous abs on MTV2.com.He lost 65 pounds! Also he has said publicly over and over he never dated Lohan. This latest rumor is all hype too, he allowed the sleazy chicks to go into his private Hyde after party. Big woop, so they fit right in with Paris and Britney that were also at the 30stm show and party. Half truth gossiping is why Jared does HATE this realm of media. I agree if people LIE. Don’t listen to their music or watch his movies. Your loss!!! Can you sing or write music, play and instrument, paint or design art graphics, be charismatic, articulate and intelligent, command stage presence or look like a model…..I doubt it. That man has more talent in his little finger than most people could ever dream or hope to have in a lifetime.

  4. jennesis Says:

    She’s Tila Nguyen. Vietnamese.

  5. Cassie Says:

    Ok dont get me wrong I love 30 Seconds To Mars and Jared Leto but if he really is dating her. Then yea I really dont like him. Its like come on Jared out of all the girls you pick her WTF??. First Lindesy now her. Jared I thought you where low by hooking up with Lindsey but now you could not get any lower then Tila

  6. Petar Says:

    Your STD snark is funny. Your fat remarks just make you look stupid and uninformed. As for Tia, don’t know her. But would like have carnal knowledge of her…

  7. shelbycockrell Says:

    Autumn.. chill out. If you love the guy so much, write a pro-Jared Fatso Blog. Personally, I don’t give a crap if he’s lost weight and is now the new Nicole Richie. He’s an emo diva and it’s MY PREROGATIVE to not like him. YOU CHOSE to read about it, so deal with it, k sweetness. ALSO.. “Can you sing or write music, play and instrument, paint or design art graphics, be charismatic, articulate and intelligent, command stage presence or look like a model…..I doubt it. That man has more talent in his little finger than most people could ever dream or hope to have in a lifetime.” Man up and say YOU instead of most people, cause you meant me, right? But hey I guess you don’t know me, do you? I may be an esteemed artist in my community, I could be a dancer, or a RD published short-story writer. You don’t know. So let’s not point the finger. Especially when you’ve got no link or anything to show for your little snark. So, like I said earlier, deal with it.

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  10. Soupie Says:

    Well Shelby…he IS singing to sold-out stadiums while YOU are home writing nonsense on a blog site equivalent to that which anyone could do on myspace…lol…what did he do to you? Give you herpes?

  11. angie Says:

    oh wow u had to delete my comment what kind of idiot does that just cuz u dont want anyone else to say shiet about u !.. dont be fucken jugding people u dont fucken even noe.. and saying shiet like she is a whore and what not.. so maybe thats just you .

  12. amber Says:

    ok so first of all he is nasty trash and all of a sudden an “crappy emo rocker”. If you know anything about anything you would know since he was on “My So Called Life” he has been “emo”. You need to really do your research before you go out talking like you know something. Now i will give you credit for the fact that Lindsay Lohan is a nasty skank. He never really dated her…as for the new girl…does it really matter to you? Are you ever going to meet him or have him ask you out? I SERIOUSLY doubt it. As for the band being “crappy”…have you ever heard their music? If you had i doubt you would say “crappy”. He gained the weight to play the man who shot John Lennon. You do know who John Lennon is right? He has since then lost all the weight. You can see him in any magazine since then and on television and see that. I always have and always will think he is one of the FINEST piece of men i have ever seen and people like you are just mad because people like him dont’ give you the time of day.

  13. Tina Moon Says:

    What a loser you are! Jared is a talented artist. What are you? Jealous much?

  14. bitch Says:


  15. keirstin Says:

    well you know what shelby you need to die in a hole cuz jared is the definition of a real man with talent!!!!!! i agree with autumn that jared has more talent in his little finger then you will ever have in your lifetime!!! soooo just cuz your pissed you cant have that doesnt mean you have to diss him like that and start rumors about him!!! im gonna point the finger at you cuz you are the bitch!!!! you need to grow up and get over your self!!!well yeah get a life!!! Just cuz your angry at him for being himself and not being that pretty boy and being emo instead doesnt mean you have to come on here and make your own blog bitching at people who love him cuz you dont anymore then alwell for you your loss for not loving this wonderful gorgeous man!!!

  16. char Says:

    I see you can speak so much hate about someone like Tila and Jared but get pissed off when someone puts your ass in place Shelby miss. Deal with it because it’s eye for an eye.

  17. Alicia Says:

    I agree with Shelby! I have to say also that I think people dig on Jared because he’s not this pretty boy that he used to be!! I am thinking he probably never was inside! OBVIOUSLY, I don’t know him personally but this new look, and hs music seems to fit him more! HE and his bandmates are all very talented! He has a right to change his image as much as he damn well pleases. He’s an artist, he expresses himself the way he feels. If he wants to be emo/rocker/pretty boy whatever it doesn’t matter! Just because he’s not Justin Timberlake (blegh) doesnt make him gross. He is a beautiful, amazing person! With enormous talent! And I’d still bathe in his sweat…:-p

  18. Alicia Says:

    OK, whoops, I DISAGREE with Shelby! I agree with the fact that she does have a right to like or dislike him, (I respect that) and we all need to be careful about pointing fingers!! We are allowed to have our opinions! It’s ok if Shelby doesn’t like Jared, it’s just one less chick we have to compete with! 🙂 EVERYONE lighten up! Life goes on!!!

  19. Natzidielly Says:

    jaja, I TOTALLY agree with what Soupie, shelbycrockell and autum said.

    I already wrote something on here, but i don’t see it.

    And that’s stupid that you don’t like someone because of who they’re seeing.

    Someone needs a life.

  20. Brianna Says:

    come on theres no reason to be so nasty jared leto is a total hottie if hes emo or not.
    yeah dating the myspace skank is really wrong but theres no reason to bag the shit out of him.

    30 seconds to mars the awesome, they have sold out all there shows, so obviously there not crappy.

    um hes gonna be more famous than you’ll ever be.

    so why dont you go bye-bye

    jared leto is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Artemis Says:

    You have all of your facts wrong.

    Every single one of them.

    Jared Leto did NOT and is not dating that one Tiela what’s her face girl.

    He gained SIXTY pounds for the movie “Chapter 27” which is about the death of John Lennon, and he DID lose it.

    He actually practically starved himself to death losing it. He didn’t eat anything for the first ten days.

    I’m an expert =)

    Also, don’t stereo type him. He is not emo.

    Also, his band. Is not the shit you talk of it. Go listen to a song or two.

    The girl on the bottom that one girl you said was dating him who was also in Chapter Twentyseven, looks like a total slut =\. I’ve never seen a picture of her. She should put some clothes on for godsake.



  22. Rodney Says:

    LMFAO in accordance to those photos, Tila is way more attractive than Leto the fat goth, but she’s still lame

  23. leanna Says:

    ok first of all Shelby!…while your here talking crap about Jared Leto some of us are fallowing our dreams and living our lives!!! So if Jared wants to date a skank like her even if we arent happy about it its his live and i say personally STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I agree with Autumn he is hot and he put on that weight for a movie so lets see you gain alot of weight and try to loss it in record time! I’ll bet that you had a crush on him or thought he was hot at one time so just put this in your juice box and suck it!

  24. leanna Says:

    OMG shelby you are so dumb! sorry but he didnt do anything and personaly its none of your dang concern! he isnt fat he put in the weight for a movie he is in and that chick is a skank and he can date who ever he wants so put that in you juice box and suck it!!!!!!!!!!

  25. leanna Says:

    oh yea by the way, i agree 110% that he is HOT and i agree with Autumn he is so cool and hot and very very talented!!!!!!

  26. Johannes Angelos Says:

    Pretty interesting reading somehow with bad make-up, lame-ass piercing, “Was I just fucked in the ass by a not-so-good hairdresser”-hairdo, and a face of a street whore, bash people who are actually achieved something life.

    I have heard better argumentation from a four-year old. Get a fucking life, then get a job and then get the fuck out of cyberspace.

    Oh, and that glass of shitty chardonnay doesn’t make you look attractive or give the impression that you are “having fun”. Accompanied with your bloated face it makes you look like a sorry-ass drunk.

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