I forgot how much I loved him!

I used to be a huge Harry Potter fan. I mean I read the first four books and was anxiously awaiting the forth one to come out. When I saw the first movie, I just fell in love with Snape. Was he going to turn out bad or good? Not knowing, and his evil attitude, what’s not to love, right? So then I started renting Alan Rickman movies. I got Die Hard and Dogma and watched them over and over. I loved him from the first time I saw him. He really has a presence, doesn’t he? So tonight I was relaxing and flipping through the television and the movie Love, Actually was on. I’ve never seen it, but since I also have a huge crush on Colin Firth (Bridget Jones’s Diary is my all-time favorite movie. I absolutely love it!), I decided to stop and watch it because I saw Colin. But after a few minutes I saw Alan Rickman too. My heart jumped because I totally forgot how much I love him. He’s the greatest. And I got so interested in the movie (minus Emma Thompson.. isn’t that her name?) and so caught up in seeing Alan again.. that I just had to write about it. I think half the reason I love him is because he’s British. (Is that wrong? I guess I’m like those girls in the bar in that movie that think the accent is so sexy.) The accent, might I add, is so sexy 🙂 Anyway, if anyone can recommend any good Alan Rickman flicks to me, let me know.


7 Responses to “I forgot how much I loved him!”

  1. bluesoup Says:

    Alan Rickman *big sigh*. He is one of those men who just oozes sex. He’s also in Sense and Sensibility (again staring alongside Emma Thompson) and if you really want a swoonfest check out the Texas video for their song “In Demand”. Watch it and pretend you’re Sharleen. Lucky, lucky girl.

    PS – Thanks for the suit comment 🙂

  2. bluesoup Says:

    Yes, I know I spelt starring wrong… *sheepish*

  3. floatykatja Says:

    Oh, Alan Rickman is so wonderful. Have you seen Truly, Madly, Deeply? That’s the first time I fell in love with him. I hated most of Love, Actually, but the Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson scenes were its one redeeming feature. Heartbreaking and wonderful.

  4. bluesoup Says:

    Oooh, lovely new skin girl! Very clean!

  5. junior Says:

    Die Hard, baby!

  6. Cath Says:

    Truly Madly Deeply is my personal favourite. He was of course in Sense and Sensibility. I bumped into him (nearly literally) in the Guggenheim last year, and nearly fainted from pure bliss. He is sex on toast… the thinking woman’s sex symbol!

  7. mahkus Says:

    He’s an incredible actor…more recent must see is Galaxy Quest, but as a hilarious bad guy, see Robin Hood with Kevin Costner…

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