What a combo.

God, she makes it soo hard. I want Britney to have a sensational comeback (proof: all previous Britney posts) but she is already starting off on the wrong foot! I mean, Paris Hilton? She picks someone who is highly publicized, yes, but Paris? Paris is a rude, catty diva and doesn’t really have much success under her belt when it comes to her professional life. Why couldn’t Britney lose the nappy extensions, horrible (less classy than and far too tight) Annie Hall outfit, gaudy nails, and class it up! The bob she had going on Letterman was pretty cute (for her). And rumor has it, she got plastic surgery on her boobs and abs. So why not get a fancy cocktail dress, get her hair and make-up done pretty low key (but classy), and go out to dinner with someone like.. oh, I don’t know, Oprah or Kate Winslet. (I choose these two ladies because one is extremely powerful and famous, and the other is famous and classy.) I think choosing Paris Hilton to hang out with is a blatant ploy for media attention. It’s cheap and filthy, which I normally like, but this is just too far out there for me. I read in Us Weekly that the two have been friends for many, many years but I think that means this: Paris’s people talk to Britney’s people and make them play nice in the media but they are both such unbearable snobs that they’ve never met until now and only intended to use their “friendship” for attention in the tabloids. Humph. That’s just what I think.

Oh, and to add, there’s a pretty shitty picture (I would’ve posted it but it’s got some terrible photography trademark thing accross the front of it) of Britney burning down a huge cigarette while with Paris. Should she really be smoking? I mean, I know she didn’t have her beasts with her at the time but still.. smoking is an addiction. Does she smoke around her babies? Come on Britney, use your freaking head.. if there’s anything besides bats and air inside. I feel sorry for her. Until next time..



3 Responses to “What a combo.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh Britney! Yes she should’ve kept the cute bob. And she should hang out with Oprah..I owuld LOVE to hang with Oprah! OR she should start hanging with Christina..that would be loads of publicity too but at least Christina is classier than Paris.x

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I think Britters is scared of having a meal with Oprah incase Tom Cruise cam along and started jumping all over the furniture. I know that he is busy on his honeymoon, but you can never tell what those Scientologists are gonna do next. Cazy mofo’s.

  3. the finance ninja Says:

    I think if anyone she picked the right person. If she is following in Madonna’s footsteps she needs to stay on the cutting edge. Paris is the cutting edge of being a bad girl. And come on shes a celebrity and they are all big fakers and liars so working together is perfect.

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