T-Day Update.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was in charge of creating the centerpieces for Thanksgiving lunch. I finally found some pumpkins at the local Safeway, which I think were supposed to be used for making homemade pumpkin pie. Once I got them home, however, I gutted them and rinsed them out. Then, as you can see by the horrible picture of me (with my new hair), I put silk roses, real roses, and gold leaves inside. They turned out pretty good, I think. Then I took them to my parents house the night before and my mom seemed to really like them. So here I am, psyched, thinking I’ve done a craft project relatively good. What am I thinking? I have an older sister who likes to overshadow everyone all the time. So of course, we get to my parents house the morning of Thanksgiving and guess who has made her own, Martha Steward mod-chic centerpieces as well? Yes thats right. I cannot have just one moment without her butting her head it and stealing my thunder. She made these centerpieces in crystal vases, filled with cranberries, limes and lemons. Very clean looking. (Just add “Thanksgiving Centerpieces” to the list of things I have resent about.) And my uncle was like, “Who made those cranberry center pieces?” If my life was a funny movie, this would be the part in the movie where the screen pans to me strangling my sister. I swear. It seems so stupid at face value, but for 20 years she’s been trying to steal my thunder, no matter what. It only makes me want to write a bestselling book.. Then maybe I’ll have permanent thunder for like, a year or so. What do you think? Anyway, Thanksgiving went good. We went shopping the next morning. I got up at 3 something in the morning. We started at a few local places then headed north for the bigger mall. Here’s a lovely little picture of us around 5am. At this point we weren’t extremely tired yet, but it was on its way!

I have no clue why we are making these odd faces. Maybe they are our “happy to be shopping” faces? I dunno. Anyway, sorry it took a day or two for the update. Yesterday, after a post-shopping nap, I got busy with the laundry, bathroom, and vacuuming. Someone has to! 🙂


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