It’s a black, black friday.

Happy Thanksgiving.. late.

Yesterday was many things. We woke up sort of early and headed to my parents house with our happy faces on. We lunched with my family and visited a little bit, and got the hell out of there close to 2pm. After that, we went home, changed into comfortable clothes, then drove to my fiance’s parent’s house.. about 35 minutes from here. We didn’t eat again because we were so stuffed, but we ended up snacking a little then finally eating dessert (poor us, right?). We didn’t get home until 8 pm, and I was actually in bed close to 9pm. I was worn out from all the family stuff, although I had a great time with my fiance’s family (they are much more fun than my own). I will create a new blog later tonight (I hope) with all of the fabulous pictures from the feast yesterday. And the Turkey cake did not work out 😦 Soo difficult. When it was a bust, I bought more cake to try again, but then I drank a memosa instead 🙂 Anyway, today is BLACK FRIDAY!

It’s approximately 4:22am here in California. You know what that means? There are probably thousands upon thousands of people in our local area lined up outside of Target’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy’s, Macy’s, and so much more. People are sleeping outside of stores so they can get the best deals. Some places are offering 60% off of an already 20% off discount. I mean really, how fabulous is that? I guess the question is, do you want to brave the pushy old ladies and the crowds? I do. We’re in college.. we are on a limited income, very fixed budget. So until one of us becomes rich or famous, we must do these things (like getting up at 4am) in order to survive!

I’ve already showered, had two glasses of water, and am in the process of drinking two cups of coffee. I’m ready to hit the ground running, so to speak. But I do get very bitchy in crowds, especially when there are so many people with no manners or couth. So today should be exciting. We are hitting some local shops at 5am, and then after we are driving up to Modesto (the town north from here that has better stores, and a mall) to meet my fiance’s sister and her fiance (funny huh) and we will further extend our shopping with them. I’m excited. But taking ibuprofen now because I’m expecting quite the headache. Will update later.

Hope everyone had a tremendous holiday.

xoxo Shelby 


2 Responses to “It’s a black, black friday.”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I always lok forward to Christmas feasts. We celebrate Christmas (at least food wise) similar to how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. We have huge feasts. Lucky for me and my missus we have split up seeing each others parents of the holiday season other two weekends. Which means we get to eat as much as we want at both sets of paretns, but not in the same day.

    People sleeping outside stores! WOW! Thats something only the homeless do over here. Americans do like a discount more then the Brits. Which is a bit strange seeing as we get charge way other the amount companys charge Americans for products.

  2. Amy Says:

    Ooh Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday! I wish we had that kind of cooler tradition where you can go around the table at dinner and say what you’re thankful for this’s so much cuter.

    Sorry to hear about the cake 😦

    That is hardcore getting up at 4am! I hope you get some fabulous bargains!xxx

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