Tina vs. Paris.. not really a feud.

In the newest issue of Us Weekly, there is a section of the magazine titled, “Fight Club.” This is the section where al the celebrities who are feuding are in here, and their cases are states. Then, Hulk Hogan puts in his (stupid) two cents about who he thinks is the winner. (One can only assume that next weeks issue will feature Kelly Ripa vs. Clay Aiken.. click here to find out about their feud.) This week features a bunch of whining celebrities fighting about a bunch of retarded crap.. however, I love this one!.. Tina Fey rocks for this. I must say, I think Paris is great and all, but I am slowing losing steam for her. Anyway, the Us Weekly article reads:

“Paris Hilton sure brought out the mean girl in Tina Fey. “She’s a piece of s–t,” the 30 Rock star sniped to Howard Stern on his Sirius Radio show November 16. “She was unbelievably dumb… [and] looks like a tranny up close.” The Saturday Night Live alum, 36, added that Hilton (who hosted the show in February 2005) refused to poke fun at her sex-tape scandal, but suggested a Jessica Simpson parody. “She was like, ‘I hate her…she’s fat,'” Fey recounted, adding that the heiress, 25, also left “nasty wads of Barbie hair behind wherever she went.” Hilton’s rep calls the comments “extremely rude.”

Isn’t that freaking awesome? Tina Fey has been the only person, that I know of, to call Paris Hilton out on being a stuck-up, snotty little trash talking bitch. Lighten up and make a joke about your sex-tape, already. It’s nothing to see, by the way.. she’s a stiff little snot in the video and plays with her stupid cell phone half the time anyway. Also, when did Jessica Simpson get fat and how come no one told me?? Oh that’s right, Paris, she isn’t fat. She may be dumb, but she isn’t fat. There’s no part of what Tina said that I think is “too mean.” It sucks when people talk about you, doesn’t it Paris? I guess laughing at Brandon Davis’s rant about Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the best choice you made, was it? (While that video of Brandon was funny, it was also mean of Paris to laugh.. but Lindsay is a skank.) Anyway, I now love Tina Fey.. She’s like the TRUTH ANGEL or something.


4 Responses to “Tina vs. Paris.. not really a feud.”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I dont know who Tina Fey is, but she is pretty. (And thats a nice halo youve drawn on her)

    PS Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Kerri Says:

    seriously, i wouldnt mind if someone savagely murdered Paris f’kin Hilton.
    She is seriously a disgrace to human society.

  3. jennesis Says:

    Sucks for Paris Hilton that people talks about her????!!!!!

    She fucking loves it. Be it bad or good.
    Dat good-for-nothing piece of air-head!

  4. Amy Says:

    Ooh I love her! I’d never seen her in anything til I saw ‘Mean Girls’ and then when it said how she wrote it too, I just thought that she was fabulous!

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