Spicing it up for T-DAY, stolen from Kelly Ripa.

Today on Live with Regis and Kelly they had a Thanksgiving crafts thing.. One of the things that Kelly did in this segment was make glittery place holders for children. Well, the idea of using glue and then gold chips to make something spicy.. I must say as far as I know, that was her idea. (Not first, but that’s who opened me up to it). So today I decided I would try my hand at crafts.

For some odd reason, I’ve promised my parents that I would create the centerpieces for our table this Thursday. I sew and I’m creative when it comes to lettering and whatnot, but I’ve never made any centerpieces or floral arrangements. But now I’m up for the challenge. I think the whole thing is stressing me out more than I realize because for the last three days, my right eye has been hurting extremely bad. I googled that and it says it can be stress.. so I’m assuming this whole “creating fabulous centerpieces” thing isn’t helping. Nonetheless..

Today I went to Michael’s.. it’s this ridiculously over-priced craft store in town that has everything you could possibly need for anything crafty. So I bought four golden-orange silk roses and gold leaves. I plan to hollow out pumkins and stuff them with the flowers. I saw something like it in Martha Stewart years ago, so I’m hoping to recreate it. I need the pumpkins still. If I can’t find any, I might use some sort of orange squash. Anyway.

Another part of the centerpiece consists of gourds. I normally hate them because they are so small and actually pretty hideous, but I’m going to cut the center out of them and use them as a candleholder. But regular candles just aren’t spicy enough for the family. So I’ve made them gold. You can buy gold candles, but that just isn’t as fun. Anyway, my grandmother has been looking forward to seeing my centerpieces for a week and a half, so even if everything turns out really tacky.. I’ve got to do it up big, just to give her some excitement, you know?

So I made the candles gold today. If anyone wants to do this themselves, it’s really pretty fun and easy. I’ll document the steps in case anyone is interested and needs to know how (it’s really simple, so I doubt that will get anybody).

Oh, P.S. before I show the candle process, I’m starting my two-day baking endeavor tomorrow. I’m baking a big cake in the shape of a baked turkey. Yikes. Three boxes of cake and three tubs of frosting and two days of work. I’m excited to start it tomorrow but really nervous it’s not going to turn out like a turkey. We’ll see. Anyway, back to the candles!

(Above: I started with a plain, cream colored candle. Actually two but I only documented the process of turning one gold.)

(Above: What you will need, in addition to the candle(s): tacky glue (Elmer’s or other), gold (or any color you like) glitter, and an artist’s sponge brush.)

(Above: First I started with the top. I’m not sure if that’s the best place, but that’s where I started. I put the glue in a circular area and then spread it with the sponge. The great thing about tacky glue is that it is white when you apply it, so you can see where it’s going down at.. but once it dries, it’s completely clear. So it doesn’t look junky.)

(Left: The is the candle after the glue has been spread with the sponge. As you can see in the background, I’m doing this whole process with the candle on a piece of paper. And just in case the glitter gets spilled, I did this in the garage on our ping pong table. I started in the kitchen over the sink but then I realized just how damn fast that glitter can spread!)

(Above: Then I just sprinkled the glitter over the glue. I waited a second for it to settle then turned it upside down and let the loose pieces of glitter fall into a cup.. I then.. being cheap and thrifty.. reused the glitter from the cup as not to waste a drop of anything.)

(Above: I placed the candle laying over the side of the cup as I worked on the side of the candle. That was the trickiest part because I was afraid the sides were going to smudge. But that glue dries pretty quickly so I had not too many mistakes.)

(Above: I found it easier to let it rest on the cup so that my hands didn’t get covered in that gold stuff.)

(Above: THE FINAL PRODUCT! Gaudy gold candles! Love them or hate them, its something you can say you made yourself and is pretty cheap to do. Also, they are festive looking. Once they’re inside the gourds, they’re going to look much more classy.. I hope<3)

xoxo Shelby


3 Responses to “Spicing it up for T-DAY, stolen from Kelly Ripa.”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    They look like very pretty candles. Just make sure you leave some space for the food this Thursday too! haha

  2. Amy Says:

    Ooh they look fabulous! You have got the patience of a saint! Oh and the cake sounds great! Pictures of that too please!x

  3. tobeme Says:

    Looks like you did a great job on the candles! Enjoy your feast!

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