lost interest..

Its getting to be that time of the semester where I lose all abilities to concentrate. I mean, everything distracts me. The woman next to me smells like unfiltered cigarettes and while this used to reek and be repulsive, it now smells sweet and sometimes I feel as if I can almost taste them on my tongue. I know smoking is a terrible habit but I have watched so many episodes of Sex and the City that smoking while writing just seems so peaceful and even a little glorified. But I still don’t. My attention veers from the cigarettes to my teacher. She writes on a blackboard. Most classes have white boards (dry-erase) but this college is so full of asbestos that we are forced to have the blackboards. Thus, we are forced to hear the screech of chalk creep against the board for an hour and ten minutes in the day, four days a week. That means once the semester ends, I will have spent approximately 70.4 hours listening to the old chalk scrape the even older board, as I listen to an even older lady talk about imaginary numbers and logs. I find myself constantly watching the clock. Every minute I plan to count down to the next minute. I start at one second and try to count up to 60 seconds but by the time I reach 12 seconds, I’ve already lost interest in counting and I’ve started doing something else..  I just want the semester to end!


One Response to “lost interest..”

  1. Amy Says:

    Lol. Sounds like what I do at work every day..I get to about 3 pm and think.hmm almost over, make a cup of tea, check more emails and send a few more and then have a look at some online shops.

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