OJ Simpson is SCUM.

You know what? I think everyone knows that OJ Simpson is a wife-murdering, lying, capitalizing, piece of shit. I know that Dave Chapelle onced joked about OJ that his “blackness” wouldn’t allow him to say that he thought OJ was guilty. You see? Even black people.. deep down.. know OJ is a murdered. It kills me that he could do something so heinous as to CUT OFF his wife’s head and stab her lover to death.. and then act as if he didn’t do. Honestly, how does he sleep at night? How does he not have nightmares about his actions? I just don’t understand how people can do these things and then go on with life like nothing is wrong. Once the world sort of coped with the murders, and allowed themselves to gain closure from all of this, OJ resurfaces with more bullshit. Have you heard? He wrote a book called “If I Did It…Here’s How It Happened” (cringing).. It’s a hypothetical tell-all, if you will, stating “how” OJ would have done it, “if” he had. What he “thinks” happened.. How do Nicole Brown’s & Ronald Goldman’s parents deal with his? How does this not just make them want to go kill OJ? He’s such a sick piece of shit, honestly. I hope NO ONE buys his stupid ass book. In fact, I say we all boycott it. It’s GARBAGE from GARBAGE. Who the hell would publish it? HONESTLY. I mean, soo many things are going through my mind.. Words really fail me right now.


One Response to “OJ Simpson is SCUM.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh god! I saw that he’d written a book about it. It’s almost making a mockery of it all which is beyond sick! I cannot understand how any publishing company bought the rights of that book and want to sell it! Wrong.x

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