Katie Price aka JORDAN.. who is she?

Perez seems to love Katie Price.. better known as Jordan. He always posts things about her, especially lately since she’s started her own line of lingerie. I think she’s from the UK or something. I’m going to Google her right now and see what comes up because I’m soo curious why she’s so great. If you want my opinion, based on what I just know now, her boobs are wayy too big. They are, in fact, ginormous and out of control. Is she a model? Porn star? Pop singer? I honestly don’t know and can’t tell. So let me find out..

Wikipedia says: Katie Price (born Katie Infield, May 22, 1978), is an English glamour model and television star, commonly known as Jordan. She is renowned for her multiple breast augmentations, and her flamboyant personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines. Her behaviour and lifestyle are often questioned, and even she describes herself as “famous for being famous”

If anyone knows better information about her, please let me know cause I’m pretty interested in knowing why she’s 1. so “fabulous” and 2. so “famous”


3 Responses to “Katie Price aka JORDAN.. who is she?”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Good to see youve put on a new entry. I often read your blog from work and the last few days have kept my cursor hovering over the close button when you page loaded up, only because the very first image that appeard was some girl in the nude. Althoguh I apprciated you choice of image, Im sure my boss would rather I didnt look at that stuff haha 😀

    Although now youve put up a photo of Jordan, which isnt much better 😀 lol

    Jordan is a glamour model. The porn business in the UK isnt as huge as that in the USA. But some newspapers have “page 3 model’s” which are models who are topless.
    Jordan made her fame from that. Since then she was spotted dating footballers and regularly made the celeb gossip section in newspapers and magazines (often with a photo of her wearing very little)

    Since then she has basically become popular just for being popular. A bit like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Not famous for anything in particular other then people want to read about her.

    The fabulous bit is fery much a matter of opinion. (Not everyone lkes Paris Hilton either)

    She recently got married to some pop star called Peter Andre, who was popular in the 90’s and famous for having videos were he also was topless and rubbed his pecks.

    They met on some reality tv show (i think thats were they first met), and since then I’ve loved that couple.

    Theyre just like charactures of what famous people are without being famous.

    PS I think some of your entry is hidden by the picture. Finally Jordan covers something up! 😉 haha

  2. nosugrefneb Says:

    Holy hell, that is one giant boob.

  3. sexy Says:

    i want to fuck her hard.i will fuck her 24 hours a day and suck her breasts.she real fuckin hot and i want to do her.

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