MTV’s Robin Hibbard of “The Real World” & “The Duel”

I hate to admit it but I really do like the competition shows on MTV.. well, only the one’s that involve people from The Real World and Road Rules. I’m not sure why I like them so much, but it’s one of my dirty little secrets. I guess I like to check out the girls… who got skinnier, chubbier, prettier, blondier, married, dumped, etc. I like watching the challenges and wondering if I could do it, and whose ass I could kick while doing it. I like watching people manipulate, and be manipulated. The prizes, in addition to the great drama, are fantastic. I mean, these are regular people who have gained an insane amount of fame from just being on a show. And now they are being paid to live in a fabulous celebrity-status home while they party every night and relax in Brazil all day. Gee, how hard. But nonetheless, I love it. I hate that show House of Carters, because the drama is just sad. The sisters (Angel, BJ and that other chubby blonde.. I cannot think of her name at the moment) treat eachother like utter crap, the younger brother looks like a crank addict, and Nick has to play mediator between a bunch of spoiled asshole adults. It’s crap, and I’d rather watch Hostel (<–horrible torture film) than that show. But that’s all just adding up to prove my point: The drama seen on “The Duel” is good. I don’t know, maybe I’m just saying that because I love the show? Anyway, out of all the chicks on the MTV challenges, I like Robin the best. Her real name is Robin Hubbard and that’s all I know because I’m not a real fan. I just think she’s cool on the show. I hate Beth (she’s so old and gross and she looks like she has rosacea [sp] doesn’t she?) and I’m glad Veronica and Rachel haven’t been on in a long ass time. I think they’re wasted and faded out. I could watch Jodi, Robin, Casey, and Svetlana some more though. Anyway, Robin has some nude-y pics on the internet. It’s rumored that she was in Playboy, but when I search for her being in the magazine, it says NO WAY. So anyway, I found some good (and not-so-good) picture of her on the internet. Check them out. I think she’s hot because she’s not a twig and she speaks her mind.

The most flattering picture of her. Her tummy looks flat, tight, and fit. I think they put bubbles on her because shes “chubby” and they are using them to cover the flaws. I use chubby in quotes because that’s what the media calls her just because she doesn’t throw up her food and kill herself at the gym. Personally, I think she looks fabulous. And a chick with this big of boobs cannot stand to be rail-thin.

I personally do not like this picture because her boobs are really far apart. I don’t know if they’re fake, and they just had a bad boob job or not.. but I could’ve sworn I remember her saying they are real. Anyone remember? Anyway, I think this pose is awkward and you can see the curve underneath her boobs to her stomach. It looks like a tiny fat roll but I refuse to call it that for sure because I like her so much.<3


4 Responses to “MTV’s Robin Hibbard of “The Real World” & “The Duel””

  1. buttons Says:

    she’s not exactly huge though! i doubt there’s much fat on her to speak of! she’s very pretty though and does have very dodgy boobs!

  2. taggy Says:

    I like her too babes 😛 she is hot 😉

  3. taggy Says:

    🙂 how come your blog contains all pics 😉 they tell stories ?

  4. Lynn Says:

    When Evan from “Fresh Meat” and “the Duel” spoke at my college recently he said that Robin had her breast implants removed and went on an “Extreme Makeove” type show and got other work done. Don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what was said.

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