I Love Leah!

I’ve always loved Leah Remini. She’s great on The King of Queens.. hilarious and stylish. And she was funny in Old School, too. I think she’s just amazing. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Sofia, she gained 80 pounds. 80 freakin pounds! That’s like gaining a WHOLE ENTIRE NICOLE RICHIE. And she lost that weight the healthy way: diet and exercise. And I read in my new Us Weekly that she’s thinner and healthier now than she was before she was pregnant. Man, I just love her. And I’ve decided that I’m going to look like her too. Okay, so I’m blonde and about six inches taller than her, but I mean.. her body. It’s quite tight and tan. So that’s my next endeavor. I read on this one guy’s website that if you send her a letter and self-addresses 8×10 envelope, she will write you back and send you an autographed picture. It only takes a few weeks. I sort of want to do it just to see if she really does write back? That would only further my crush on her 🙂 Anyway, just thought I’d post this picture because she looks so good. Also, she looks really good in Stuff Magazine. So you can check her out there, too. Oh, Leah<3


2 Responses to “I Love Leah!”

  1. Amy Says:

    I want a stomach that flat!! Damn!

  2. Simon Says:

    life is more then what you look like on the outside. ofcourse everyone wants to look attractive. its in out nature. i am a guy and i weigh 54 kilo. which is relaly thin but i used to be 48 kilo. and i cant gain weight. my bones stick out and i look anorexic. but i know a God who loves me just for who i am. i make up for what is not on the outside by my making my insides pure of heart. and guess what. i have plenty of friends who accept me for who i am. not waht i look like. 🙂

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