She’s Only Worth 7 Million.

In the words of Brandon Davis, Lindsay Lohan is only worth 7 million dollars, which makes her (to Paris Hilton and her friends) extremely poor. When I first saw the video of Brandon Davis calling Linsday out with Paris Hilton giggling in the background, I thought, “What assholes.” But now that I have read more and more about Lohan, and now with some recent things she has done, I realized.. Brandon Davis just might need some sort of award. Lindsay Lohan is an unbearable bitch.

Does she not remember where she came from? She was a chubby little red-headed girl that was in Disney’s The Parent Trap. In case you guys don’t remember, let me remind you..

So there it is. And hey, I’m not hating on Lindsay because I am a huge fan of Paris Hilton.. although, I do like her. I just think she has gotten far too big for her britches. She isn’t Angelina. She needs to take it a notch down. Recently Lindsay was stopped by a member of the press and asked if she had any advice for Britney Spears. “Regarding what?” she said. When the press made her aware of Britney’s divorce, Lohan sort of laughed and basically said, “I don’t really care.”

Bitch. No one treats Britney that way.

On top of that, Lohan was stopped by papparazzi outside a club one night (after apparently fighting with Hilton in the club and storming out) and she said, “Paris is a cunt.” (Those are fighting words in Hollywood. I’m not sure Lindsay realizes just how much power Paris has? Maybe she should, unfortunately, go be friends with Shanna Moakler..) Then she tried to be sarcastic and say, “Paris is my friend. I love Paris.” It was all supposed to be a burn on Paris, but in my opinion, nothing she can say will ever make anyone forget how badly she was burned by Paris & Brandon when they talked about her for 5 minutes, calling her a “fire-crotch” and saying how dirty she is. Ha. Ha.

I think Lindsay was at her most famous in the picture below, when she had gotten rail-thin and drawn a lot of attention.

But now that she has gained weight back, and become a normal size, no one really cares about her. Her movie bombed.. she’s just another so-so actress in Hollywood. In addition, I read on Perez Hilton’s blog that Lindsay is getting chubby again. (Which I don’t care about really.. but in Hollywood.. everyone cares)..

Maybe she’s on her way to this again?


3 Responses to “She’s Only Worth 7 Million.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one to love Paris..or were you being sarcastic? Lohan is a bit too big for her boots now..clearly she peeked at ‘Mean Girls’.

  2. Tired Says:

    You’re defending Paris over Lindsay? Okay, I’m not a big fan of either, but at least one of them worked to get where they are. Paris is a spoiled party bitch who is famous for sex tapes and getting drunk. Lindsay has movies that might not appeal to you, but appeal to young girls. So what the fuck ever… laugh at both of them, but Paris is pretty much a big example of everything that’s wrong with American. You should be embarrassed… ugh.

  3. Tired Says:

    Lindsay looks better in the latter picture also, so is that supposed to be a jab at her weight? It’s not okay to have a healthy body mass in Hollywood? You talk about that issue earlier as if it’s something that you don’t care about, and then use it later as a jab at Lindsay. Honestly, I am glad I am so far from that scene… because people are so shallow and fake in Hollywood, I wouldn’t be able to deal.

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