I have built up anger, I think.

This is Mr. Angry on the left. Today I feel like him. Just about everything has successfully pissed me off, and with good reason. So instead of going insane and possibly slashing someone’s tires or ruining someone’s life, I looked up techniques to relieve anger off of the internet. Here’s what one place said to do:

Direct the anger on a constructive path.

Talk it out with someone who’s willing to listen.
A trusted friend or co-worker would be good.

Find a new interest that captures your thoughts
and devote your time and skill to develop it.

Anger that has no release is the worst thing for stress.
Exercise is good for body, mind and soul.

Learn to let go and let be.
This truly is the meaning of effortless happiness. 

Okay, if I knew how to direct my anger, would I be googling how to do that? How STUPID is that? I mean honestly, I need to know EXACTLY how to channel my anger, not to be told that’s what I need to do.

And never in my life have I had a co-worker trustworthy enough to vent my anger too. So I did this step; I vented to my fiance and ended up getting more pissed off. So we know that step is sucky and does not work.

When you’re extremely pissed off about something, I really don’t think looking for a hobby and then doing it is going to cure your anger. Honestly, I’m mad. I want to scream at the top of my lungs and put everyone on blast. Knitting a blanket is only going to make me more angry.

Finally, a step that’s true. Exercising. I know it would help me work off some anger, but before I can have that luxury of going to the gym.. I have to clean the bedroom, do the laundry, organize the bathroom.. and realizing that I can’t go to the gym to work off my anger just further irks me. It’s a sick cycle, I tell you.

I ALWAYS LET GO. I’m SICK AND TIRED of “letting go” and moving on. Hey, how about all the assholes in my life learn to own up to their bullshit mistakes and apologize and realize they’re being poops? That way I don’t have to lose my mind from all the times I just let crap go.

That article was pretty much a joke, therefore I won’t site the source.

I’m still mad 😦 I think I’ll go clean away my anger.


2 Responses to “I have built up anger, I think.”

  1. Amy Says:

    A work out is good. I have a punchbag in my room which has various different names depending on who I’m most pissed off with. Hoovering I find ridiculously theraputic too..very sad I know. Or you could just scream as loud and long as you possibly can..that may help too. Chin up Chica.xx

  2. Pete Says:

    Hmmm, I am bad at channelling mine, I smashed a cell phone with a baseball bat once. I would advise against channelling it in that way. Hope you figure some way, work outs probably are a good idea!

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