Who Is?

Today I was looking at a site and I was wondering who owned it. So I asked my fiance, who is a computer science major and a tech guy, and he taught me some really great stuff.

He showed me this great tool called Who Is and Go Daddy has one. What you do is type in the name of the website and it will tell you exactly who it is registered to, including their name, address, and contact information.

I guess the internet is not as anonymous as some people thought!


3 Responses to “Who Is?”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    There is one site in the UK, called 192.co.uk. You can find out who lives in what house, how many people live there and all sorts of info. Thats crazy!

  2. frisby Says:

    Yeah I use go daddy for two sites I run for theatres. You have an option to “Lock” your site so you cannot view who the owner is. We lock our site even though I have the owners name on every page of the site. pretty sill i think.

  3. frisby Says:


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