Things I Wish I Would Have Learned A LOT Earlier in Life…

  • there will be just as many “friends” you CAN’T trust as friends you can trust.
  • a lot of people are dishonest and immature and it’s just their nature.
  • it’s okay to dislike people and to have enemies; you don’t have to fake be-friend everyone.
  • it’s much easier to forgive than to hold a grudge. Just never forget what you’ve once forgiven.
  • don’t let people that harass you get under your skin; its almost flattery if they’re putting that much of their time into talking and thinking about you.
  • myspace will suck you in but don’t let it spit you out. Use it to network, not to creep.
  • when someone puts a keystroke recorder on your computer, that’s a sure sign that they are shady.
  • just because you’re a good friend to someone doesn’t mean that they will return the favor; expect nothing from everyone.
  • all the advice your mom has given you over the years will end up being true. Your mom is always right, and she will always know the right road to take.
  • it may feel good to stoop down to someone’s level to belittle them, but that feeling only lasts a short time. It’s always the better choice to be the bigger person, even if that means walking away from something or someone that irks you.
  • there is no man that wants to be “just friends” with a single girl. What they said in Harry Met Sally is true; men always want to sleep with you when you’re single.. no if’s and’s or but’s about it.
  • using people to build your ego is wrong, and should be avoided at all costs.
  • dwelling on the past prevents you from having the strong, successful, and happy future that you deserve.
  • the book’s He’s Just Not That Into You and It’s Called a Break-up ‘Cause it’s Broken are two books every college girl that dates should have.. I wish I would have had them a few years earlier because they are chocked full of great advice.

2 Responses to “Things I Wish I Would Have Learned A LOT Earlier in Life…”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Someone put a keystroke recorder on your keyboard? Or is this just general advice?

    I hate myspace so very very much. I just dont get it.

  2. Amy Says:

    I love that! This is so being printed off and will be followed! I hold grudges all the time and it is hard to forgive but then after a time I just think “Fuck it. Are they even worth thinking about?!” so yes loving that one.

    Ooh and myspace has a fab clothing designer on there and some quite cool bands.

    Mum’s are never wrong. I will never be able to be one as I’m ALWAYS wrong despite what I insist.xx

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