Things I Flipping Looovee :)

(In no order of importance.. how do you chose?!)


My *ALL TIME* favorite thing to do, no matter what mood I am in, what time of day it is, or what is going on in the outside world.. I love to run a hot bubble bath, light a lot of delicious smelling candles, let the fresh air pour in the window and read Us Weekly in the tub. It’s got to be the utmost relaxing thing it the world. I would choose a bubble bath & Us Weekly over a massage or pedicure ANYDAY. There is just some wonderful feeling I get when reading about how Nicole Richie is doing in rehab, how Brad and Angie might already be failing, how weird Tom Cruise has become, who Paris Hilton has pissed off this week, and even what crazy dresses crack-head Courtney Love has put on.. whatever Us Weekly has to say, I am always ready and more than eager to read it. My mom tries to act like she’s above reading about celebrities.. she says, “Why do you care about all that garbage? It’s just gossip..” But then, sometimes when I come by her place to pick up my mail.. I will see that the edges of the magazine are slightly lifted.. (I know she’s into it… I’ve caught her red-handed a few times).. Well anyway, Its my favorite thing ❀


My favorite eye make-up ever. Of course not in this odd lilac and white, but Too Faced is the best eye make-up around. I order it through Sephora (which has got to be one of the best stores invented, honestly) and it’s really not even that expensive, which makes it even better. It doesn’t crease, it washes off your hands easy, and you can drop the little case about a gazillion times and it never breaks. It comes in soo many colors, I love it. It’s the perfect balance between light and dark, shine and glitter, deep and dark. Too Faced is my number one pick for eye shadow!!

Apple is really lucky there that aren’t many other MP3 players out there on the market that are half as cute as iPods are.. I first had a pink Mini iPod and it lasted about a year before the battery stopped holding a charge, it started shuffling songs for no reason, turning off after half a song, and not updating. So I got a iPod Nano about a year ago, and since then it’s worked so-so. Nonetheless, it is still one of my favorite things ever. I listen to it in the library while I’m doing homework, I plug it into my car when I’m driving so I don’t have to burn anymore CD’s (gosh, aren’t buying blank CD’s such a waste of money?), I put it in my ever-so-stylish pink armband (which, by the way, you can never get sweaty more than once because then it reeks like burnt rubber and can really never successfully be washed..fricken Apple..) while I’m at the gym and it plays for my whole work-out without any tweaks, it fits in my backpack and I feed the earphones through.. it’s really the perfect size and it plays my music.. It’s great.. I could live without it, but my life would be silent.


Very Irresistable perfume by Givenchy. My mom first got it for me a few Christmas’s ago when the lid on it was still pink (since, they’ve changed it to clear). At first I thought it was a little foofy, which I’m usually not attracted to. I used to wear Simply by Clinique but when I got this perfume.. Wow. I’ve never got so many compliments on any other perfume I’ve ever worn.. EVER. It doesn’t wear off, so I only need a few sprays and it lasts me from shower to shower. It’s pricey when you compare it so Estee Lauder but when you could be buying Chanel, it’s priced to buy. The bottle is so cute and pink.. I can leave it out on my dressing table after I’ve used it and it doesn’t look tacky or cheap. It comes in the cutest pink box which is inside a Givenchy bag. My fiance loves this perfume, which is very important too. It’s delicious ❀


So I really didn’t think that I would like it, but now The Girl’s Next Door on the E! channel is one of my favorite shows. I love it because it’s so damn intriguing. They are all Hef’s girl’s and there’s no visible bitch-slaps or cat-fighting on the show.. how is that possible?! It’s all so weird but it’s FILTHY and I love it. My favorite on the show is Hugh’s girlfriend of 5 years, Holly Madison. I think she is the prettiest of the three girls, and she has the most level head. Isn’t a trip to know that the girl that seems to be the biggest airhead, Bridgett, has a bachelor’s and master’s in business? Oh how the world turns. I don’t really like Kendra that much, she’s pretty ghetto. It was gross how she got a grill, she never styles her hair, she’s just plain tacky. But the girls are beautiful, their bodies are hot, and the show is addicting. Another thing I looovvee.


I love it because it’s so real. Okay so they don’t get back together in the end but hello! It IS called THE BREAK UP! And realistically, most people who have a break up of this calliber don’t get back together anyway. I like Jennifer Aniston. She’s so.. petite, tan, thin, strong, basic.. I just love her. And Vince is delicious. He’s a big goof but he’s funny and friendly. He’s like a gentle giant, or something like that. This movie made me laugh a thousand times but it’s also got a sensitive side. When I first saw it, I left the theatres going, “What the hell just happened?” But then my fiance bought it for me when it came out (I was wanting it bad) and I have since watched it close to 5 times. And everytime I watch it, I find something else that I didn’t see before that just strikes me as funny.. a look, a small comment.. I just love the movie. It’s so real. One of my favorites of this year, definitely.


2 Responses to “Things I Flipping Looovee :)”

  1. Amy Says:

    I don’t know what the british equivalent is to US Weekly but if there are celebs on the front, I am bound to buy it. Maybe Heat would be quite close although it does just have alot of British celebs looking bad..oh is the british way!

    Perfume very yummy. And loving the eyeshadow (even in the yucky purple and white..looks very shimmery and lovely!)

    Shall have to look at the E! channel for that show about the playboy bunnies. It intrigues how they do all seem to really like Hef and not just his money….

    ‘The Break-Up’..I was crying and laughing throughout. It is fab. In complete agreement about it all!

  2. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    I used to read Heat (some UK celeb magazine) religously too. Although now I get all my celeb news from, which sends a weekly newsletter out about what naughty celebs have been up to what.

    I have nothing at all what to say about eyeliner. Although that one in the picture does look pretty and I can see how it contributes to your maxed out cards πŸ˜€ haha

    I used to have an ipod. Now I just have my phone, it can store more songs then my old ipod. And its a phone. All good.
    Although I think that Microsfot zune looks really good. You can connect wirelessly to the net and download songs from microsft, and you can transfer songs with a friend via bluetooth. What more could you want.
    Put there are far better mp3 players out there, Creative do really good ones. Its just that ipod is the craze, but if you look around youll be surprised about how far behind the competitors are, in terms of technology, Apple are.

    I hate that girls can smell nice from morning till night. Every eau dtoillette ive ever got only seems to last like half a day. And they dont do small versions for men to carry around in pockets. Which means when Im out, I cant freshen up.
    Who evers idea it was to put them men in toilets handing out free “top ups” on sprays was a genius!

    I shall check out playboy just for this show! πŸ˜‰ haha

    Ive never seen this movie. If it doesnt contain bad acting, or crazy deformed mutatn space men, I pretty much wont watch a movie.

    Blimey, that was long! lol

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