I can’t believe.. & Isn’t it strange..

I can’t believe…

  • that Katie Holmes really loves Tom Cruise.. no, really, I can’t believe it.
  • Reese Witherspoon didn’t break up with Ryan Phillippe’s jealous ass earlier than this
  • Bob Saget has a new gig on a crappier than crappy, extremely hyped up game show
  • in Scientology based soley on the idea that they believe in Aliens. Whatever.
  • that Lindsay Lohan would ever forgive Paris Hilton for laughing so rudely when Brandon Davis trash talked her, and her parts below.. (“Firecrotch!”)
  • in the idea that Ashlee Simpson actually does a good job as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Yeah, right.
  • in Jessica Simpson, her music, or the fact that she didn’t cheat on Nick Lachey. She’s such a big-head.
  • Helen Hunt won an Oscar for As Good As It Gets. She’s a horrible actress. Period.
  • that Keith Urban is in rehab for alcohol addiction but Nicole Kidman isn’t in rehab for anything. I mean, come on.
  • Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are finally friends again.
  • how mean all of the Carters are to one another on the reality show House of Carters.
  • MTV is growing so much that they now have MTV 3. Is that necessary?
  • that Perez Hilton hates Jennifer Aniston so much, but he loovees her MAN HANDS!
  • Dateline NBC’s show To Catch A Predator isn’t more popular.. It’s fabulous.

Isn’t it strange…

  • how freakishly skinny Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is?
  • that all the couples that have had their own reality shows on MTV have ended up divorcing? (Carmen & Dave, Jessica & Nick, and Travis & Shanna..)
  • that people are still interested in American Idol? Isn’t it on it’s like, 9th season?
  • that Kelly Clarkson thinks she’s big enough to be a diva and talk shit on real celebrities? Bitch, let’s not forget you became famous from a reality show. KTHX.
  • that Anna Nicole Smith had a baby out of no where and she was never photographed being pregnant?
  • how Katie Couric looks like an alien on CBS but always looked pretty decent on NBC?
  • that Lindsay Lohan had a paranoid attack in her car on Sunday morning around 7ish? (Still partying at 7am and you get paranoid? Maybe that’s because you need sleep. And probably a sandwich, crazy ass.)
  • Carnie Wilson has gained almost all of her weight back since she has G.B. surgery and was on Howard Stern after she got skinny?
  • Fabulous got shot and no one really cared? Haha.
  • That Mischa Barton was photographed going apeshit, crying a river in her car and no one knows why?

All for now. Anything to add, anyone??


9 Responses to “I can’t believe.. & Isn’t it strange..”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Nothing to add, but…
    -Scientology is ace (yes I’ve read your Scientology page, and those are the exact reasons why I think it is ace. Although I dont believe in it. Im not crazy)
    -“Firecrotch” Haha
    -are you happy Hilton and Richie are friends again?
    -Theres an MTV3? Really? I havent seen MTV2 in a long time. Whats played on MTV3?
    -Posh is very skinner, yes
    -Isnt Anne Nicole Smith always “large.” Thats where she is hiding them.
    -I dont think giving someone a sandwich will help with their panic attacks :p haha
    -There’s someone called Fabulous? Who are they?

    PS if you like celebs and celeby like news and bitching you should read
    Its quite amusing.

  2. mystarbucks Says:

    I think you pretty much summed it all up.

  3. Amy Says:

    Haha..I’m with mystarbucks! Although have the most beautfiul couple Reese and Ryan actually split up?!

  4. mystarbucks Says:

    I believe they did. Come on….how long did we honestly think they would last with her making more money and being a higher profile than him. Men’s egos are way to big to take that sort of abuse. LOL

  5. Amy Says:

    Yeah good point Starb’s. Although how they met was such a cute story..(I do feel a tad embarrassed to have read about how they met!)

  6. themiddlemanager Says:

    Yeah, why wasn’t Anna Nicole ever photographed pregnant? Hmmm…

  7. sknepper Says:

    Dude Quit hating on lindsay, It is a little over the top but you just sound jealous that you will never be with the “it” crowd. I am not nessesarily a Lindsay fan at all but as a Recovering Alkie I am OFFENDED by your statment that all AA’s are ashamed because of Lindsay? People use to day the same shit about Drew Barrymore and she turned out ok. Give the girl a break man, Do you have any, and I mean any fuckin idea how hard it is to beat alcohol and drug addiction, And the obvious answer to that is Hell NO

  8. sarra Says:

    I think that this creature of sort is a profound female.
    Slightly a good for nothing.I feel as if the public so to speak even feels as if she should not be able to do things at her age that of whom she approaches.Shes a bitch,”a bitch i say”.You heard me.Im being honest.I know that im not fake.
    O my I addmit being fat like me does make youmad when you want to be like her.Her perfect hair,and that sexy skin,those boobs,and that firecrotch.
    Its all being wasted on dumb foolish things,that the public are in this case making seem so superficial and materlistic.Well i know what the conclusionm is,porn.You know shed maked millions in that field.So long.
    Dont hate masterbate.

  9. sarra Says:

    hey im back i feelupset that i let her get to me.excuse me.
    who would like to join my porn site??
    e,ail me back at sarrapowers@yahoo.com
    -dont hate masterbate!

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