Ah, Monday morning.

Well this weekend was fun. If I wasn’t sleeping, I was aching and sniffling. But oh well, today is the start of a new week and hey, I only lost two days. What I did do, however, is have a SAW marathon. On Saturday evening, we rented Saw I and Saw II and we watched them again. Then yesterday afternoon, my fiance, our roommate and I all went to a matinee of Saw III. Let me say this: There was no amount of day quil BIG enough to make me feel even remotely well enough to endure that movie. (More on that in a new blog)

I just dropped my fiance off at his 9am class, and now I’m going to shower. I guess I will have to save the workout for tonight, because I am feeling rather stuffy. I have class at 12:30pm but I always leave an hour early to ensure I get the best of best parking. Also, I have a presentation today in my first class. It’s shitty. I created the power-point last night and it’s all just words put together.. I mean, the crappiest work I’ve ever done.. AND I have to show the whole damn class! I really don’t mind, though, because I’m pulling a pretty high grade in there anyway so whatever.

Anyway I just wanted to say GOOD MORNING to everyone and I hope everyone had a fabulous (more fabulous than mine, at least) weekend!


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