I’ve got a Filthy Cold :(

So I was supposed to be writing my paper yesterday.. since I don’t have class on Fridays.. but it didn’t quite happen that way.

I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat, but continued to go to the gym and get in a healthy work out, then go tanning, and come home and take a hot shower. After I got out I felt like I was running a temperature of a gazillion degrees and my body felt like I had just run a marathon. Okay, I’m getting the flu.

I started getting these horrible cold sweats and then I’d get hot sweats.. So I’m thinking, a temperature, body aches, the sweats.. I’ve got a 24-hour flu bug.. It will be gone by Monday. But then last night I went to bed, woke up congested and achy and everything.. DAMN IT. I guess I’ve got a cold instead of the flu 😦 A cold, to me, is much worse because now I’m going to be that girl in class for the next two weeks who is ALWAYS sniffling and coughing. So annoying.

So I’ve been taking Day-Quil and sucking madly on Ricola-like drops and drinking (what feels like) hundreds of bottles of water. I better be feeling better by Monday, because I have to turn in my paper and do a huge presentation in front of everyone in my humanities class. Yuck!

My fiance and I had already decided we would not be attending the Halloween party down the street from us tonight, so I’m not really missing out on that anyway. Why you ask? Well, for single people and extreme party-goers, Halloween is a time to dress skanky, get shitty, and be funky. But for us, we have one another and most of the time we have much more fun just watching a movie at home together at night. Honestly. We would end up spending over $100 bucks on Halloween costumes that we’d only wear for a few hours, because we’d get to the crowded hot party full of people we don’t know or do know and DISLIKE, and after about an hour we’d look at eachother and say, “Are you ready??” So really, we aren’t missing out on a fabulous Halloween bash. But still, I don’t want to be sick!! I have to write that damn paper and create a presentation.. PLUS I would really like to rent Saw and Saw II tonight (again) and watch them so that we can go see Saw III next week sometime. Well.. I’m gonna get started. Everyone have a Happy Saturday ❤


5 Responses to “I’ve got a Filthy Cold :(”

  1. Matt Says:

    “Get Well.. Get Well Soon.. We Hope That You Get Well” – Seinfeld

  2. sophianotcoppola Says:

    my friend Eva is home with the flu and we watched MTV all day. I swear it makes you feel better, especially since I’ve realized that my TV show is going to be way better than Laguna. Will keep you posted. FEEL BETTER!

  3. mystarbucks Says:

    Drink some tea and tell me, are the saw movies more scary or more gross?

  4. allabouteva Says:

    I am getting over being so sick and I like that thai shrimp soup it’s called like Tom Yum from any thai restaurant, you will feel instantly better.

  5. Adam Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I hate colds . . . to get better i work lol. Sounds wierd i no but it works 🙂

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