Shanna Moakler, we love you anyway.

I gotta say.. My fiance and I watched Meet the Barkers as much as we possibly could. It was a great show. Travis is cool, Shanna is banging, the little kid’s got a fauxhawk, the house is huge and the cars are super nice.. what isn’t great? Shanna did seem extremely lazy on the show but we assumed that was MTV’s creative editing. Guess not? Anyway, I read and re-read Travis Barker’s blog about Shanna and their relationship, and even if an inkling of it was true.. then that’s really horrible. If Shanna wasn’t taking care of her kids, and if she was out partying all night, and sleeping all day.. sad. Don’t have children if you don’t want them.. nanny or not. Money can’t buy your kids a childhood with their own parents! So.. from what I know, I definitely would take Travis Barker’s side.. except..

How do you cheat on Playboy Playmate Shanna Moakler with been-around-the-block sex tape skank Paris Hilton?? That is just so disappointing. And I hope Shanna did call Paris a homewrecking bitch, and if she hit her that’s only because Paris had it coming. Normally, I like Paris Hilton. But in this case.. that’s horrible.

I hope that Shanna Moakler’s career (finally, haha) takes off and Travis Barker is left in the dust.. and Travis is an idiot if he thinks Paris Hilton really wants him.


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