Brit Brit is Sad

As much as the media is talking ish about her, I still like Britney Spears. She’s made a lot of mistakes but maybe that’s because she’s just trying to experience life for herself now, you know? And it’s okay to make mistakes but when you’re a celebrity.. every mistake you make is MAGNIFIED to be horrific. I think all the ups and downs she is going through with her marriage and motherhood.. those are all normal. Can we honestly expect her to be the perfect mother and perfect person all the time, just because she’s famous? Not only is she young, but she has lived her whole life doing what other people have told her to do. Who to date, what to say to the camera, how to pose, what songs to sing, etc.. And her first time on her own, she wanted to following all of her feelings. Unfortunately that took her to freeloading untalented idiot K-Fed. Nonetheless, if we are really fans, we will support her no matter who she is with. I just hope one day soon she realizes how fabulous she is and goes back to her roots. She needs to ditch the baby weight, barefeet, Cheetos, and cigarettes.. and live up to her potential. When I first saw the first pic below, I felt horrible. I honestly felt bad for her and all the shit she’s going through. She looks stressed out, upset, and tired.. and on top of that, she’s being photographed by a million paparazzi asslicks. But then, on the second picture, you start to feel a little tiny bit less bad for her because.. What the F*$% is she wearing? Come on, Brit, you’re better than that.

Aww, this is actually very sad. Have some sympathy for her!

Cute of her and Sean Preston. But her outfit? Completely trashy and terribly hideous.


3 Responses to “Brit Brit is Sad”

  1. mystarbucks Says:

    This pic just shows another mistake of hers. Maybe if she could show a bit of discretion then the media might give her a break. But she is an easy target considering some of the decisions she has made.

  2. Sharla Says:

    True…easy target. Everyone makes mistakes. Some are just more noticable then others. I bet she feels a bit isolated as well. That’s what I see in the picture….hmmm

  3. Diana Chance Says:

    Poor Britney!!! Serious, that picture of her crying broke my heart. Add to that, her and her little bundle of joy. There’s gotta be deeper issues with Brit we don’t know about. I’ll think twice before making fun of her on video next time.

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