Should be writing an essay.. :)

So, tomorrow is the third part of my mid term in my world literature class. My instuctor, who is a very cool guy, divided the test up into two days: tuesday would be parts one and two which are 11 ID’s and 4 passages, and thursday is the essay portion. I’ve paid complete and total attention in this class, and only missed about 2 or 3, and I’ve stayed caught up on the assignments.. so I wasn’t too worried about tuesday’s portion. He is allowing us to have any books, notes, etc that we need during the test.. how cool is that? I mean, I honestly didn’t need that much since I’m very caught up in this class, but it’s still nice that he’s doing that. The pace in that class moves so quickly, and there is so much daily reading, that I think he felt like giving us a chance to really show what we know.. rather than having to memorize trivial facts. I mean, hell, if by chance some poor person has made it through that class without doing the readings and hasn’t gotten dropped yet, he will be able to see on their mid term whether or not they understand what they are writing. There is a big difference in writing an answer straight out of the book and writing the right answer out of the book and making it yours. So I think it’s pretty cool he’s letting us do that. Anyway, the ID’s are a paragraph long each and so are the passages, so on tuesday morning when we got there to take the test, he said we could take it home because he knew it was a big feat to try and finish in class. So that’s what I did.. although I only really had three passages left. Now I’m going to start working on my essay.. there’s three things to choose from. I will list them: 1. “In order to understand how the Greeks viewed plays such as Antigone and Agamemnon, it is necessary to understand their mindset. Much of this mindset is informed by curses which operate through the characters. Discuss the curse on either the House of Thebes or the House of Atreus. Then explain how this curse helps the reader to understand various elements of the plot in the corresponding play.” 2. “Dante’s Inferno is a text which divides hell into nine rings, with each ring loosely correspoding to a sin in the category of either incontinence, violence, or fraud. For this essay, you will focus on the rings in the Upper or Lower levels of hell. Explain what each ing represents and describe the physical environment associated with it. Name at least one person in each ring and explain why he or se is there. If no name is given, use the name of a contemporary figure and discuss why he or she belongs there. In the process you must analyze why Dante considers some sins to be more grave than others.” 3. “In classical literature it is always important to examine different types of heroes. Choose three of the following six figures and explain why he or she meets the Classical definition of heroism: Aeneas, Hector, Gilgamesh, Antigone, Creon, and Achilles.” So yeah, I’m not even sure which one to do. None sound that difficult, but some sound easier than others. I just got done writing a paper on Dante’s Inferno titled “Consequences v. Justified Torture” so if I wrote about Dante, it might be a little boring. Plus the instuctor has already heard about what I think on that topic. So I’m thinking I might do number one because the curse on the House of Atreus is pretty awesome, and I know a lot about that. Antigone wasn’t my favorite story so the curse on the House of Thebes doesn’t go with my flow, persay. Anyway, my fiance and I are in the computer lab at CSUS right now and I should be working on my essay or at least my web site.. So I better go now and be MORE productive than blogging!!..

OH YA.. did you catch that? I’m going to have my own website. I was thinking of dedicating it soley to talking shit on celebrities and exploiting their lives. Also, I would include who I liked and some good stuff too.. but mostly shit talk on those rich assholes. It would be like a female version of Perez Hilton and Tyler Durden.. only better and bitchier. Any readers have any ideas for me?? Or ideas on what my URL should be? I’d love some input 🙂

All for now.. I’ll probably be blogging again in a few hours.. haha.


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