This is a mother of two.

Looking at this picture, I bet you realize she has no shoes on, that she’s smoking a cigarette, her panties are completely showing, she hasn’t got a bra on, and looks pretty messed up. The last thing you think about when you see it is her now having two children.

I was reading the site, thanks to the advice of some of my readers, What Would Tyler Durden Do, and of course my daily Perez Hilton dose, and I found out that Sutton Pierce is actually Jayden James. I actually liked Sutton Pierce better.

Anyway, I still am rooting for her. I hope she gets super famous again, makes a great album, outsells Madonna and Mariah, and dumps stupid ass Kevin Federline.

I think someone should start an anti-KFED site?


3 Responses to “This is a mother of two.”

  1. mystarbucks Says:

    I agree….she should dump K-Fed. But now that he is becoming the big “actor” he will probably dump her.

  2. Yada Says:

    WTF!! Paris Hilton + Britney = half brain.

  3. mystarbucks Says:

    Are you sure it’s even half? I think you are being too generous. It’s more like a fourth of a brain.

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