I can’t see myself living happily without..

  1. My fiance
  2. Sex and the City (I love every episode!)
  3. Diet Pepsi
  4. My iPod
  5. Bottled water, preferrably Aquafina
  6. The tv show Intervention
  7. Stephen King books
  8. My soft pillows
  9. A hot bubble bath
  10. Us Weekly
  11. Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer
  12. My cats Murphy, Carl, and Dottie 🙂
  13. Pedicures
  14. Facials… 🙂
  15. Perez Hilton’s blog (juicy, juicy!)
  16. Blogspot
  17. All of my make-up (I need a face..)
  18. Candles, especially the ones that smell like Pears.
  19. Camping when it’s cold.
  20. Vacations.
  21. Frederic Fekkai. (Everything he makes is fabulous)
  22. My fiance’s Nokia. (And if mine wasn’t acting up, mine too!)
  23. The Knot, for all it’s cool stuff.
  24. Jack Johnson & Mariah Carey
  25. The past, without which I wouldn’t be ME
  26. Text Messaging.. it connects you to everyone and I’m definitely addicted!
  27. An open window on a cold night.. my absolute favorite
  28. Teddy 🙂
  29. Venti Tazo Black Iced Tea with no sweetener from Starbucks. (That’s all I get.. other than that, I’m anti-Starbucks!)
  30. Classical music.. it rocks.
  31. Oprah’s show when it’s good. You know what I mean.
  32. Best of Will Ferrell on DVD. Hilarious.
  33. My neat little laptop.. Dude, it’s a Dell.
  34. House of Yogurt, Too.
  35. My fabulous Canon digital camera. It’s very beautiful, I must warn you!
  36. My mom’s peach cobbler.. it’s a diet killer for sure.
  37. Guitar Hero. (Ok, I could live without it but WHY would I want to do that!)
  38. Movies (Beetlejuice & The Breakup to be specific)
  39. My toothbrush
  40. Paris Hilton (I love to hate her, and hate to love her. It’s a sick cycle!!)
  41. Myspace.. (we like to brag..and be nosy at the same time.)
  42. Vince Vaughn. Funny man!
  43. My fiance..

There are many more, I’m sure.. I just thought I’d write this because last November I wrote a blog about the things I was addicted to in the past and in the present.. Now I’d call my addictions more of a “Can’t Live Without” type of thing.. It sounds less rehab-ee.


One Response to “I can’t see myself living happily without..”

  1. mystarbucks Says:

    I am with you on
    diet pepsi
    the best of Will Farrell
    an open window on a cold night
    Canon digital camera
    and last but not least pedicures for sure

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