On Sunday, my fiance and I (along with a group of 33 other students from CSUS) went on a Outdoor Adventure Program trip to Yosemite.

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It’s a really good deal because the school gets all these trips at an extremely cheap price for the students. Our roommate is the OAP director so we always know about the trips ahead of time.. cheat cheat 😉 So anyway, we took a chartered bus to Yosemite yesterday. We left at 8:15am and got home around 8:05pm. It was so much fun!

It took us a little longer to get there than we had expected, but I think that’s because our bus driver had gotten some pretty shitty directions. But after we got there, we had about 4 hours to do whatever. So my fiance and I, along with our roommate (the director of OAP), decided to hike the upper falls at Yosemite. It was huge! It seemed like a million never-ending switchbacks in which everytime we got higher, the backs got steeper! I was seriously out of breath after about five minutes of hiking up. (I am more out of shape than I’ve probably ever been, but still.. I’d like to consider myself in decent shape!) The whole hike up to upper falls is about 3.4 miles. We got about 2.5 miles up to this really great spot (you’ll see in the pictures) where you can see over all of Yosemite and straight across to Half Dome. It was so beautiful but also really scary. I never realized how much I dislike heights like that until yesterday. I almost had a panic attack!

So after we ate lunch and took a lot of cool pictures, we hiked back down. Then when we got to the bottom, and saw the place where we were at from down below, we realized just HOW CLOSE we were to the top of that beast! Because being on the mountain.. you have no idea where you are or how far you have hiked. So anyway, then we went around to some shops and just hung out. It was really a great day and the weather was beautiful. Since this trip, we are now all planning to go camping within the next few weekends.. I’m excited for that!

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