Leave America Alone, Jessica.

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Am I the only one who is completely, totally, and utterly sick of seeing big head Jessica Simpson all over the tabloids? When there’s an actual story, like her divorce with Nick Lachey, then it’s readable. But seeing her in the tabloids just because she showed up somewhere.. I’m tired of it.

Quite frankly, I don’t think her voice is that good. It’s rather winey and I think she has to strain a lot to make it sound decent, and she is extremely computerized. On top of that, if MTV hadn’t signed her to The Newlyweds, she would still be what she always was (and is deep at heart): a B class singer, a C class celebrity, and a D class person with F class morals. Let’s not forget almost all of her albums have been poorly received and oversold by her little sister, Skanky Ashlee Simpson. And to add insult to injury, she is a bad actress with a weird, controlling father.

When the show on MTV made her a star, more than she ever was before, it went to her head. She created her crappy, overpriced line of body lotions and lip glosses. She started being in pizza commercials and stupid teen movies, and she even thought she was great enough to poop out another shitty album full of ballads about God and love. But when you strip away the big boobs, fake hair, nice clothes, and fame that she took from the Newlyweds.. you haven’t got much, even by Hollywood’s standards.

She is conceited, and for her to think she was too good for Nick Lachey (because that is basically what it boils down to, right?) is absolutely bullshit. She cheated on him with gross ass Bam Margera and probably others. Even though it probably broke Nick’s heart, it was the best thing for him. He got a great song out of it, which made him money, and he also got a hotter, nice, funnier, more talented girlfriend (Vanessa Minnollo).

Now that Jessica’s album has already gone down the shitter, and John Mayer dumped her stupid superficial ass, I bet she’s regretting a lot of the shit she pulled. Although I believe one day they will probably get back together, I hope Jessica realizes that just because she got famous doesn’t mean she can treat people like shit. Because she isn’t the shit.

So obviously I take Nick’s side. I think he used their breakup to publicize himself and his album, but who cares? Didn’t she use their marriage to publicize herself and make money off of their relationship? In the end, they both admit to the show being stupid and probably the reason their relationship failed, but they both wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Maybe because Nick knows Jessica wasn’t the person that she once was. He realizes that fame has gone to her head, much like it has to her sister Ashlee’s head, and that they just aren’t the wholesome girls he once knew. Either way, I root for Nick. Although I didn’t buy his album, I like his stuff and think he is the one who came out on top of this divorce.

As beautiful as she is, I’m sick of Jessica Simpson.


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