Britney…thin again?

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Ok so my new Us Weekly is full of great celebrity gossip but the main story is about Britney Spears and how she, in one month, has lost 26 pounds. That is insane and GOOD FOR HER!

It says that when Britney was on tour, she would run 2 hours every day. (God, I wish I had time to do that.. ) But since she got pregnant with her two sons, she hasn’t had much time to exercise properly or eat right. She had started rewarding herself with Starbucks and Wendys, and it said that she also frequently ate out at Chili’s restaurant.

Now, to get herself back into shape after the birth of second son, Sutton Pierce (cute name, actually), she is waking up and running on the treadmill for an hour. Then, before she goes to bed, she does 45 minutes of weights. Now she is rewarding herself with new clothes, instead of food. (When you have a shitload of money, you can really reward yourself with basically everything..which us normal people can’t do.) And she is eating six small meals a day, which has enabled her to eat smaller portions and to lose the urge to snack. How good for her!

I saw the pictures and while I don’t think she looks thin (for her.. because she’s been tiny and fit, and she’s really short) I can see the difference and I’m really happy for her. This is the step in the right direction towards a fabulous comeback!!

And she gives regular people inspiration..

I wish her luck =)


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    you should read

    you’re obviously quite into entertainment news

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