The Prestige. A Review by YOURS TRULY!

I’m not going to get into a lot of detail on this, because (for one) if I say too much it will take away from the greatness of the film and (for two) it’s 1:05am and I’ve got some other things to tend to.

So, from the beginning we know this has got to be something, right? If you can put Christian Bale in a film with Hugh Jackman.. come on! Two studs, amirite? But honestly, the best part for me, aside from fine ass Scarlett Johansson (and she looks fabulous in this movie as always), is Michael Caine. He was one of my favorite actors, even before winning an Oscar for The Cider House Rules. But he just makes this so great to watch, you know? I feel like when I’m watching Michael Caine, I’ve forgotten totally that it’s just a film and I become caught up in the story and the emotions that come with it. As faggot as it sounds, he really is a moving actor.

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The story is great. Revenge, love, lust, trickery. I love it all. And of course, the one thing that everyone denies believing but always questions in the dark… MAGIC. A film about magic, short of Harry Potter, is a great thing because it’s purely entertaining. Is it real? Isn’t it? And you’re always asking yourself, “How the hell did they do that?” So the plot of the story is great.

There are a few times when I found myself saying, “Is he real or is he fake? What’s happening here?” And while the story itself isn’t that complex, it does take a few really wonderful turns that kept me wholly interested.

I liked it a lot, I love Michael Caine, and I recommend you go see it. And once you know what it means, you’ll see just how important it is in life to have…….
The Prestige.


One Response to “The Prestige. A Review by YOURS TRULY!”

  1. mystarbucks Says:

    I can’t wait to see it!

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