Make a Comeback Already!!

Behind all the “ya’lls” and tacky gum chewing, the barefoot trips into gas station bathrooms, the bitten off fingernails and the cigarettes.. Underneath the bad hair extensions and the bright red lipstick.. and when that pony tail on the very top of her head comes down..

I really do want Britney Spears to make a comeback. I think, deep down, we all do. Sure, I think her interview with Matt Lauer was a little pathetic and actually quite fake. But let’s give her some credit, her life has gone from the dream to the toilet. Just because she has money doesn’t mean she doesn’t suffer, too. With that said, I just hope she makes a total comeback where the media once again loves her. I just feel so bad for her.

Her demise was K-Fed. Known, by Perez Hilton and his blogging gang, as K-Fag.. Kevin Federline has been nothing but bad press and drama for Brit. If she really loves him, then I want it to work for them. That would take him stop using her for publicity and money.. and for him to step up to the plate and to be a father to his kids… all 4 or 5 of them. (Let’s not forget good old Shar Jackson.) But if she just fell into a naive love, and now realizes that she just was longing to experience things that she was previously numb to.. well, then, I hope he leaves her alone and doesn’t try to steal a penny of her hard earned Baby One More Time bucks.

I suppose if you take away all the shit the computers do to her voice, and if you get rid of the background music and put her in front of an audience with no mic but just her voice.. well, she may not be that great. But that’s not why she’s great. She’s a performer.. the lyrics, the beat, er dancing, her sexuality.. it’s a total package and she brought something to pop culture that no one else had.. The Whole Package.

So ya, I’d like to see her make a comeback. And no matter what she does, I’ll always hold a place in my heart (and blog) for her.. even with her two babies and asslick husband.

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One Response to “Make a Comeback Already!!”

  1. Diana Chance Says:

    It would be nice to have a nice Britney come back. The real her. And, a stable Britney too! Singing live wouldn’t hurt. She’s so pretty and could do so much if she wanted to. I think there’s ugly people behind all this. 😦

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