Having kids, getting married, everything.

One day, probably within the next few years, Matt and I will be preparing for kids! The thought of having kids really doesn’t scare me that much because I know that Matt and I will make good parents. (Well, the only part that scares me is the actual having the baby part of things. I can’t imagine pushing a mini-human through a small, small place.) Needless to say, I am excited to be a parent and everyday I get more excited. There are a few things that I would like to have taken care of before we get pregnant, though, and those are:

  • Matt to have a good job utilizing his degree and his passion for computers
  • To be living in our own house with at least 3 bedrooms
  • Have a good amount of money in the bank
  • Be married for at least a year (which will be going on 3 years for us being together)

I don’t think those goals are unrealistic, except lately I’ve been putting serious thought into our wedding and just when exactly it’s going to be. I don’t want to wait until 2008, so it’s very likely that I am going to put my foot down on this (this is the one day that means the most!) and have it in 2007, hopefully in September or October. I want a cozy fall wedding, but the blue color I like isn’t that fall. Does that matter? I mean, who cares if it matches the season, right? Anyway, I was on the epiltical rider at the gym yesterday and I was thinking of how badly I want the wedding moved up a year, and how it would make this year go by so quickly! I’d love to start getting busy planning the wedding.. but that’s not why I want it moved up. I think it will be an extra good source of motivation for Matt to finish school and for him to bust his ass if he has a wedding to look forward to. He won’t want to go back to school after the honeymoon, will he? So that’s partly why I want to move it up. Also, if we wait to get married until I’m done with school.. I mean completely done as in degree & teaching credentials, we would be waiting like.. 3 years! Bullshit! I want it next year! Matt has to talk to his parents though because they probably won’t like the idea of us getting married that soon/”this young”. My parents, on the other hand, won’t mind.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.


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