Madonna is a Dirty Skank.

There is nothing that anyone can say to me that would make me think any different of Madonna. If she gave five million dollars to AIDs or breast cancer research, I might raise an eyebrow, but I would still have a deeply rooted hate for her. Here’s why:

There are two girls that are huge Madge fans. They completely worship her and all of her fabulously over-rated crappy dance songs. They save up money for a few months in order to purchase front row seats at one of her stupid concerts. The tickets alone are over 300. So they drive an hour or so, after taking the day off of work, and arrive at the concert. Once they enter, they buy a shitload of stupid Madonna souvenirs. They purchase CDs, posters, tee-shirts.. you name it and I’m sure they bought it. Anyway, along with the tickets the girls also shelled out an extra hundred or so dollars per person in order to get pre-concert backstage passes to meet Madonna. So, the girls haul their bags full of Madonna trinkets to the back, and show their passes to go backstage. Only..

Security: “Sorry, you girls can’t come backstage.”
Girls: “But, we bought these backstage passes. And we’ve already seen someone go back there..”
Security: “Madonna doesn’t allow overweight people backstage before she performs. She doesn’t like surrounding herself with people she feels are lazy. She only allows thin, fit people backstage.”

I fucking kid you not. There is no exaggeration in this story at all. Isn’t Madonna just a bitch? I mean, really. These girls ended up staying for the concert, but I can tell you right now that I definitely would have left.

You know, I already really hated her. She’s annoying, her music sucks, and I think the gap in her teeth is hideously whitetrash. She’s so old and gone through so many stupid phases, I just wish she’d quit. I mean, her trance/dance/r&b/shit music is just…. too tiring to talk about. And why does she go everywhere in a stupid tracksuit? AND FYI… EVITA SUCKED.

Bottom line: The world may love you, but I think you’re a cunt.


2 Responses to “Madonna is a Dirty Skank.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    write another blog already

    ya one time talking to an important guy at an important arena, he told me that madonna didn’t want the a/c turned on for the crowd… she wanted them to suffer. what a whore.

  2. Madonna Says:

    Agree, I totally agree………….
    Why would anyone want to meet some fat perspirating saddo kids before going on stage pretending you like them all.
    Alternatively she should have met them both and ripped the piss out of them for being a couple of porkers and told them they face a life of loooking hideous and smellying like Oprahs leotards gusset! Nope perhaps she was right to shun the fatties.

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